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FAQ page with Joan NaakeThe Montgomery College participatory governance system provides all members of the college community with the opportunity to express their opinions and make recommendations about how the institution should function. It also provides structures through which these opinions and recommendations will be given due consideration when important decisions are made.

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Governance model - image
Expanded view of our  Governance Model

What is participatory governance?

Governance Connections - the monthly
newsletter of Montgomery College governance 

Current Council Membership      

Current Council Meeting Schedule


How does the system work at MC?

Which councils represent me?

What do council members do?

What training do council members receive? 

Get Involved

  1. Stay informed by reading minutes, agendas and newsletter.
  2. Attend a council meeting or governance event.
  3. Nominate and vote for council members (details coming via e-mail in Spring).
  4. Discuss governance issues with colleagues and peers.
  5. Contact a council member or council.
  6. Run for a council or participate in a committee.

Nominations and Elections

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Other opportunities 


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Contact governance coordinator 


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