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Office of Facilities

Science Center at the Rockville Campus

Science Center at the Rockville Campus

The Office of Facilities is committed to advancing and promoting student success at Montgomery College by providing the highest quality physical environment for the entire College community. Specifically, the Office of Facilities will continue to focus on maintaining and improving the physical environment in terms of a safe, comfortable, and clean working and learning environment that will maximize student success. Given projected enrollment growth in afternoon, evening, and Saturday programs, the Office of Facilities will continue to focus on: achieving staffing levels to meet the cleaning, maintenance, and health/security/safety demands of a “24 hour college” required by the enrollment growth emphasis; planning, designing, renovating, and constructing new facilities; and securing staffing, contractual services, supplies, utilities, and furniture/equipment resources to meet the physical plant demands/operating budget cost impacts associated with the construction of future new buildings.


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