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Germantown - Education and Social Sciences

StudentsWelcome to the Education and Social Sciences Department at Germantown. Our department includes the disciplines of anthropology, criminal justice, psychology and sociology, as well as education. Outstanding faculty members offer a variety of courses to help students prepare for transfer and careers in many fields. To meet student needs, we offer courses during the day, in the evening, and on weekends as well as online.

Our anthropology discipline provides a strong foundation in both cultural and physical anthropology/archaeology. Students in our cultural classes have the opportunity to complete a hands-on ethnographic research project, while students in our physical anthropology classes participate in a primate behavior research project and can take part in an archeological excavation in Montgomery County. All anthropology offerings have an Honors option available to qualifying students.

A few criminal justice courses are offered at the Takoma Park / Silver Spring campus, but the academic program is currently based at the Rockville campus only. Click on the Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice - Rockville link for more information.

Our psychology discipline offers ten courses covering various sub disciplines within the field, several of which also provide the opportunity to earn Honors credit. The discipline sponsors a series of Brown Bag forums and “Psychology at the Movies” events throughout the year, and often collaborates with colleagues from other disciplines to provide an interdisciplinary experience. Many of our classes offer Student Service Learning Projects, which allow students to apply what they are learning to real-life situations.

Our sociology discipline develops students’ abilities to analyze society by applying sociological concepts, theories, and research methods. Our courses equip students with tools for understanding our diverse society by stressing the relationship between social structures and individual actions, and by examining forms of social inequalities such as race, ethnicity, and gender in a global context. Students also develop the ability to think critically and apply scholarly approaches to understanding society..

Our Education Program includes multiple degree tracks. The Early Childhood Associate of Applied Sciences degree is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, something few two-year schools have achieved. Through collaboration with our Germantown Campus Early Learning Center, we offer students the opportunity to complete internships on campus. A highlight of our Early Childhood Education (ECE) program is our model classroom which provides a learning laboratory environment for classes. Teacher transfer degrees are available in ECE, Elementary and Special Education, and Secondary Education in five high-need fields. Classes are offered during the day and in the evening, and all programs include field experience opportunities.

Consistent with the Montgomery College mission, we strive to empower our students to change their lives, and we enrich the life of our community.


With a sense of urgency for the future, Montgomery College will be a national model of educational excellence, opportunity, and student success. Our organization will be characterized by agility and relevance as it meets the dynamic challenges facing our students and community.



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