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Degrees & Programs

Choosing a Degree or Program

If your goal is to transfer from MC to a four-year college, consider one of the following options.

Associate of Arts (A.A.)

For mastery in the liberal and fine arts, awarded in four programs:

  • Arts and sciences
  • Business
  • Computer science and technologies
  • Computer gaming & simulation
  • General studies

Associate of Science (A.S.) 

For mastery in science or technology with a heavy emphasis on undergraduate mathematics or science, awarded in three programs:

  • Engineering science
  • Nursing
  • Science

Associate of Arts in Teaching (A.A.T.)

For mastery in a core of professional education coursework and fieldwork consistent with the first two years of teacher preparation:

  • Students are eligible to transfer to a four-year degree program in early childhood, elementary, or secondary education in the state of Maryland. 
  • MC general education requirements will be fulfilled.

Associate of Fine Arts (A.F.A.)

For mastery in the professional arts by those planning to transfer to a B.F.A. program:

  • Similar to the first two years of B.F.A. program
  • Requires at least 60 percent of the course credit to be in studio work and related areas
  • Two A.F.A. tracks: graphic design and studio art


If your goal is to immediately join the workforce or focus on professional development, consider one of the following options.

Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)

For mastery of vocational-technical occupational skills and intended for those seeking immediate employment opportunities:

Students in some of these programs may be able to transfer to four-year institutions offering upper division programs in related areas. Please consult a transfer counselor for a list of articulated agreements.

Some A.A.S. programs allow students to focus their studies in specific areas such as graphic art or graphic design.


Recognizes successful completion of a sequence of courses (12-38 credits) focusing on the development of specific technical skills.

Letter of Recognition (L.O.R.)

Provides students with confirmation of the completion of a sequence of courses (6-11 credits) that teach focused skills and competencies pertinent to specific career areas.

*L.O.R. students are considered nondegree-seeking students and are not eligible for financial aid.

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