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Department of World Languages and Philosophy





 Our Philosophy About Philosophy

  • Question:  Is happiness the same as pleasure?

  • Answer:  If you suspect that the answer is no, you will enjoy taking our philosophy courses.  If you think the answer is yes, you need to take our philosophy courses.


Thinking, speaking and writing about the important questions of life is a fundamental aspect of higher education.  Philosophy addresses the key questions we all face as human beings.  In our classes students are encouraged to learn, write and speak about the life problems that perplex them and bout the moral, religious, and political problems that confront us in this world. 

The ability to rigorously examine ideas and critically evaluate conflicting views which you will develop by doing philosophy, is an ability that is of pivotal importance in every intellectual discipline.  This is one reason why many of our students find philosophy to be tremendously helpful in their other areas of interest.  The courses listed below are an excellent introduction to the wonders of philosophy.

These courses also fulfill humanities requirements and the HUMANITIES distribution requirement of Montgomery College.   


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