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Performing Arts Department

Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus

Theater Performance

The Department of Communication and Performing Arts includes the disciplines of Dance, Film, Music, Speech and Theatre.  

Many of the courses, including the Speech foundation courses of SP108, Introduction to Human Communication, and SP112, Business and Professional Speech Communication, fulfill General Education requirments.  The department also offers a course for non-native English speakers,  SP102, American English Speaking and Listening.  There are Arts appreciation courses in the areas of Dance, Film and Music.  Performance arts courses are available in the areas of Dance, Film, Music and Theatre. Filmmaking is a major emphasis in the department with a Film Certificate available in the near future. 


The department produces two to three theatre productions per year and is responsible for the Arts Alive Concert Series in the Cultural Arts Center which is the home of the department. The Cultural Arts Center has two theatres, the Main Theatre, which is a 500 seat proscenium theatre, and the Studio Theatre, which is a 116 seat modified thrust theatre.  Specialty classrooms include a large, glass walled dance studio and a 16 station piano lab with individual keyboards.

Cultural Arts Center

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October 29-November 21, 2010


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 Courses Offered 

Film Courses

Film PhotoThe film courses focus on fictional narrative filmmaking.  All hands on courses utilize digital movie making cameras and editing equipment.

  • FL 110: Introduction to Film
  • FL 120: History of International Film to 1950
  • FL 210: Screenwriting
  • FL 220: Basic Movie Production
  • FL 230: Movie Making Independent Study - Editing
  • FL 240: Movie Making Independtn Study - Production

A Film Certificate will be available starting Fall 2011

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American Film Institute Partnership
The department hosts professional Training Workshops on the East Coast for the American Film Institute.  In Winter, Spring and Summer a series of workshops are held at the college in various areas of film production.  Working professionals conduct a series of five to seven workshops each year.  In addition to these workshops, a six-film screening series is held each semester at AFI Silver Theatre in conjunction with film classes taught by the department.

General Education Courses 

  • General CoursesSP 108: Introduction to Human Communication
  • SP 112: Business and Professional Speech Communication

For Non-Native English Speakers  

  • SP 102: American English Speaking and Listening

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Performing Arts Appreciation Courses 



  • DN 100: Introduction to Dance


  • FL 110: Introduction to Film


  • MU 110: Listening to Music
  • MU 111: World Music
  • MU 133: History of Jazz
  • MU 136: American Popular Music
  • MY 139: Introcution to Music Theory

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Performance Courses


  • TH 109: Fundamentals of Acting
  • TH 225: Acting for Film and Televison


  • DN 101: Ballet I
  • DN 103: Modern Dance I
  • DN 105: Jazz Dance I


  • MU 106: Class Piano I
  • MU 107 Class Piano II
  • Mu 109: Class Guitar I

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