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Frequently Asked Questions about the

Early Childhood Training Requirements

Maryland State ED


What Early Childhood Education programs does Montgomery College offer?

Montgomery College offers:

  • Associate of Arts in Teaching (A.A.T.) in Early Childhood Education
  • Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S) in Early Childhood Technology
  • Early Childhood Education Certificate (30 credits)
  • Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential Training Program
  • 90-Hour Course for Lead Teacher in Child Care
  • 45 Hour Course in Infant/Toddler Development and Care
  • 45 Hour Course in School Age Child Care

What are the application procedures for the program?

In order to enroll in any of these programs, students must first apply for admission to the Montgomery College credit programs: go to the website at www.montgomerycollege.eduto complete the application.   After being accepted, students may have to complete assessment testing before gaining approval to register. 

All registration is done online through the MyMC student interface. 

How much will it cost to take a three-credit course?

A $25.00 application fee is required for the first time student/new applicant.

Each three-credit course costs $472.00 including fees (as of August 31, 2015).  Textbooks may be required at an additional cost.

Where can I get financial assistance at college?

questions markFinancial Aid offices are available at each campus.  For more information, search for Financial Aid on the College website.  A tuition installment plan is available during the fall and spring semesters for students who register for 6 or more credit hours.

What scholarships are available for me to take courses in early childhood education?

If you work in a licensed child care or preschool and are taking classes toward the early childhood A.A.S. or A.A.T. degree programs, you are eligible to apply for the Maryland State Department of Education Child Care Career and Professional Development Fund (CCCPDF) which will pay for your tuition, fees and books. This program takes new applications once per year, with a deadline of March 1 for the following academic year.  For more information about the fund, please contact Professor Sonia Hernandez at 240-567-4168 or via email at

Child Care Quality Enhancements Scholarships are available through Montgomery County’s Early Childhood Initiative.  Child care providers may receive scholarships for early childhood education classes.  For more information or to receive a scholarship packet, please contact Paulina Alvarado at (240) 777-3203.

What is the main advantage of completing the 90-Hour Course at Montgomery College

Upon completing the 90-Hour Course (consisting of EDUC 135 - Child Growth and Development and EDUC 136 - Curriculum Planning in Early Childhood Education) at Montgomery College, students will receive six college credits toward the Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education.  On the other hand, a 90-Hour Course certificate obtained from other training institutions cannot be transferred in as college credits.  Thus, students who have received a 90-hour course certificate from other trainers will need to retake two courses or take the challenge exams for credits at Montgomery College if they decide to work on the Associate Degree or One-year Certificate.

Will I receive a certificate when I complete the 90 hour and 45 hour courses?

No. Students should present their official or unofficial transcripts as evidence of the completion of these programs when applying for employment. Centers and preschools, as well as the Maryland State Department of Education/Child Care Division, accept college transcripts as approved documentation of formal training.     

Are all education courses offered every semester?

The following courses are offered during spring and fall semesters:

  • EDUC 115, EDUC 135, EDUC 136, EDUC 153, EDUC 180, and EDUC 233     Book and gap

The following courses are offered only during fall semester:  

  • EDUC 170, EDUC 224,  and EDUC 227

The following courses are offered only in spring semester:

  • EDUC 154, EDUC 208, EDUC 210, EDUC 212  

Please note: Each of these courses – EDUC 135, EDUC 136, and EDUC 208 – has a required 15 hours of observation/field experience in early childhood settings/schools. Students are advised not to take these courses during the same semester.

When would be the right time to take EDUC 233 Practicum in ECE?

Students are advised to take the course near the end of completion of the program or One-year Certificate

Can courses from my home college or university be transferred to my program?

If you have courses from a college in the US, transcripts should be sent to Montgomery College directly from that school, and sent to the attention of the Transcript Evaluator at the campus you attend.  If you have courses from outside the US, transcripts must first be reviewed for equivalent US credits by an approved agency.  For more information, search Transcript Analysis on the Montgomery College website.

Do I have to apply for graduation?

Yes. Apply for graduation from Montgomery College by completing the online Application Form through MyMC according to the deadlines provided there.  You will NOT receive your AAS degree until this application is completed.   Note:  If you do not finish all the required courses/program by the semester of graduation, you will need to resubmit the application for graduation.

What early childhood education courses can be transferred to four-year colleges in Maryland?

EDUC 135 Child Growth and Development, and EDUC 136 Curriculum Planning in Early Childhood Education are accepted by four-year colleges or universities in the State of Maryland.  Some early childhood education courses can be considered as alternatives at some four-year colleges.  For more information, please see an advisor.

How can I get more information on the Early Childhood Education programs?

For more information on the early childhood education A.A.S. degree, one year certificate, CDA, Challenge Exams, and high school portfolio assessment programs, call Dr. Jeannie Ho at (240) 567-7468 or via email at jeannie.ho@montgomerycollege.eduChild care info

For more information on all other programs, call the School of Education at (240) 567-1757 for a referral to the most appropriate advisor.

Where can I get information on becoming a licensed family child care provider?

In order to become a licensed family child care provider, you must meet certain requirements based on Maryland State Law.  To find more information on opening a family child care, contact:

Regional Office of Licensing
Child Care Administration
51 Monroe Street, Suite 200
Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: (240) 314-1401

Where should I refer parents who are seeking child care?

Contact the Montgomery County Child Care Resource and Referral Center at:

332 West Edmonston Drive
Rockville, MD 20852
Phone: (240) 777-3110

How can I post a job opening at Montgomery College?

eJobs is an online listing service for students and employers.  For more information, contact Tessie Simmons at 240-567-1502 or email at


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