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Jewelry and Metalsmithing (ARTT245): *Crosslisted with Practicum, and/or Individual Art Workshop
This course provides a foundation in fabrication with sheet metals such as copper, brass, or silver. Students will learn a variety of introductory techniques including traditional and contemporary tools and materials.

This course is built on the understanding that jewelry has intrinsic value and that jewelry is a powerful means of collecting and transmuting personal experience. In this course students analyse historical, social and ethical aspects within Jewelry and Metalsmithing as they develop technical competency, and explore material as an artform. Creative design and technical craftsmanship are emphasized. *No prior experience required.

Practicum I and II (ARTT255g and 256G) *Crosslisted with Jewerly/Metalsmithing and/or Individual Art Workshop
With permission of instructor, this course can be taken after at least one semester of Jewelry and Metalsmithing. Practicum courses allow for further exploration of Jewelry and Metalsmithing processes in an assignment based curriculum. Practicum topics rotate each semester.

While cultivating respect for craft, students create functional or nonfunctional objects while they explore material as an art form. Students analyze the social and ethical aspects within craft as they develop technical competency. Coursework encourages an investigation into the potential of objects to possess visual, tactile, and conceptual information. Creative design and technical craftsmanship are emphasized. This course can be retaken multiple times with instructor permission.

Individual Art Workshop (ARTT257G) *Crosslisted with Jewelry and Metalsmithing, and/or Practicum
This course can be taken after enrolling in Practicum I and II. Students choosing to enroll in this course should have a breadth of knowledge in the field of Jewelry and Metalsmithing and be able to work independently. Students are asked to submit project proposals, semester goals, and a final reflection upon completion of the course. Students enrolled in Individual Art Workshop should have an interest in intellectual, conceptual, and technical growth as an artist and crafts person, and be open to receiving critical feedback from their instructor and peers. Students will be asked to be an active member of the classroom including participation in class discussions on assigned readings or videos, as well as class critiques.

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