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AIR: Artist in Residence Program

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Fall 2017 - Alice Gadzinski

During this Artist in Residence Program, Alice Gadzinksi led art classes in a collaborative project on the theme of “The Supermarket,” in which students created artwork inspired by products and packaging from supermarkets.  

In this collaborative project, students were encouraged to reflect on their own experience and what the idea of the supermarket or grocery store means to them personally. This project is based around conversations of shared public spaces, idiosyncrasies between those public spaces in a variety of communities, and visual literacy. It discusses a similar experience in different communities and how those relate both aesthetically and culturally. 

Two classes (Crafts and 3D Design Studio) worked closely with Alice over three weeks, building paper mache sculptures from found materials, then priming and painting them for installation in the gallery. Other ARTT classes worked on a shorter version of the project, in which they painted directly on primed supermarket packaging, creating package designs based on real or imagined products. For these classes, focusing mostly on the surface of the product as opposed to its construction will concentrate the overall concept of “The Supermarket” into a more specific discussion of branding, marketing methods, and visual literacy.

 Students’ props were displayed as an installation in the gallery creating a collaborative “store” with the “products” created.

Alice’s website:

Spring 2017 - Corwin Levi

Artist in Residence Corwin Levi worked with ARTT classes on a collaborative student project titled “As Above, So Below.”

There were two parts to the collaborative student project:

CONSTELLATION DRAWINGS – Corwin lectured about constellations, discussing interpretations of the sky from different time periods and cultures. Then, students drew constellations in several forms on printed star charts. They could create a reinterpretation of existing constellations, new constellations, or abstract constellations. Corwin assembled the constellation drawings in an installation which mapped their location in the sky.

WAVE DRAWINGS – Corwin introduced students to Hokusai’ s The Great Wave. Students then redrew their own interpretation of The Great Wave. Classes collaborated to assemble their wave drawings into one large wave installation. 

Corwin’s website:

Spring 2016 - Raj Bunnag

In this Artist in Residence program, Raj Bunnag worked with students to create imagery and symbols that were printed on fabric flags.  

During the first half of the residency, Raj Bunnag worked with printmaking classes to design and carve linoleum blocks for printing. During the second half of the residency, the printmaking area hosted ARTT classes to print flags using the carved blocks. Aligning with the World Woodcut class, the flags produced in this project reflected some visual influences of traditional prayer flags while integrating contemporary icons and images produced in collaboration between students and Bunnag.

The print flags were displayed in the Sarah Silberman Art Gallery during the residency and subsequently during the 2016 ArtWalk in Rockville and Germantown.

Fall 2014 - Victor Ekpuk

The Artist In Residence program worked with the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art to bring Nigerian born Artist Victor Ekpuk to the Art Department to collaborate with students on both ephemeral and paper works. Smithsonian curator Deborah Stokes opened the residence with an overview of African Art. Victor held three workshops in which he familiarized students with his unique style of iconography and asked students to work individually on their own iconography. After short critiques from Victor, students collaborated on two paper murals and one chalk mural, which was painted over at the end of the residency. In December 2014, the work was hung in the first floor of the Rockville campus library.

Victor Ekpuk’s website:

Fall 2013 - Katherine Mann

Katherine brought rolls of tracing paper and Yupo and started the collaboration with students by unrolling the paper on the drawing studio floor. Following Katherine’s style, students then created washes and “spills” with india ink and watercolor directly on the paper, allowing the paper to dry overnight. In the gallery, Katherine asked students to take a walk outside to find inspiration from natural forms. Back inside, students used ink to draw on top of the colored paper. Katherine visited the printmaking studio and worked with students to create wood blocks that were used to print student designs on the paper.  Katherine then collaborated with students to transform the paper into wall hangings and sculpture. After three weeks, some finished pieces had more than 200 collaborators. The work now hangs in the Rockville campus library.

Finished collaborative work:    

Katherine Mann's website:

Fall 2012 - Felicia Glidden

Felicia collaborated with students to make a sound, video, and sculpture installation. Students wrote down their dreams on rice paper and glued them to 12x4x4 empty steel cubes. Each day, students added more dreams and more cubes. The cubes were stacked in the center of the gallery, and each day the students transformed the arrangement of cubes to create a multiple of perspectives , onto which  Felicia projected video. In the corner of the room, Felicia constructed a sound booth and students recorded their dreams. Each day, Felicia looped the sound recordings together so that students could sit and listen to each other’s dreams. In the back of the gallery, Felicia installed her own work, Between Two Rivers, 2014.


A video of the  event:     Felicia Glidden’s website: 

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