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Liberal Arts and Sciences: International Studies

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International Studies: 152

Arts and Sciences AA

The international studies track is designed for students who envision a career in the international arena and plan to transfer into the upper division of another college or university with the intention of continuing their studies in such areas as international relations and area studies and subsequently working in this field, be it in government, international organizations, trade, finance, business, or related areas.

All students in this track must see an adviser from the History and Political Science Department and identify as early as possible their transfer institution as well as the particular field or track. The international studies track includes the General Education requirements as well as a number of alternate course choices (listed in the footnotes), which prepare the student for particular transfer options in international studies, such as international relations and area studies.

Students may study abroad for a semester or travel in a foreign country during the summer as part of the international studies track. The international studies adviser will aid students in integrating their studies abroad into the degree program.

A suggested course sequence for full-time students follows; part-time students should consult an adviser.

First Semester
ENGL 101 Introduction to College Writing*
HIST 114 The World in the 20th Century (HUMD)
HIST 116
World History: A Comparative Survey from the Ancient World to A.D. 1500 (HUMD)
HIST 117
World History:  A Comparative Survey from A.D. 1500 to the Present (HUMD)
POLI 101
American Government
 Mathematics foundation (MATH 110 or higher)
 World language 
Second Semester
ECON 105 Basic Economics or alternates (see alternatives †) 3
POL 203 International Relations 3
English foundation 3
Speech foundation 3
World language 3-5
Third Semester
ENGL 201 Introduction to World Literature I  (see alternatives‡) 3
GEOG 101 Introduction to Geography  (BSSD) 3
HIST 245 Latin American History (HUMD)
HIST 247 East Asian Civilization (HUMD)
HIST 250
Modern Asia (HUMD)
HIST 252
The United States and 20th Century World Affairs (HUMD)

HIST 266
African History from 1800 (HUMD)
POLI 211
Comparative Politics and Governments
 Natural sciences distribution with lab
Fourth Semester
POLI 206 Political Ideologies
POLI 230 Introduction to International Conflict Resolution
POLI 256 Politics of the Developing World 3
ANTH 201 Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology  (BSSD)  (see alternatives **) 3
 Arts distribution
 Health foundation† †
 Natural sciences distribution 
Total Credit Hours 60-66

* ENGL 101, if needed, for ENGL 102/103 or general elective.

† Alternates: ANTH 256, ECON, 201, GEOG 105, GEOG 113, GEOG 124, GEOG 211, PSYC 102, SOCY 105. 

‡  Alternates: ENGL 122, ENGL 205, EN 208, HIST 255, third world language course.

**  Alternates:  ANTH 256, ECON 103, ECON 105, PSYC 102, SOCY 100

† †  1 credit PHED course may be substituted for second and third credits for health.

Program Outcomes for the International Studies AA Degree

Upon completion of this program a student will be able to:

  • Articulate the political, cultural, ideological, historical, religious, and/or philosophical contexts of current global actors, systems, and controversies.
  • Explain the historic and contemporary consequences of geographic and linguistic boundaries for cross-cultural dialog and diplomacy.
  • Compare the costs and benefits of varying social, economic, and political structures in the context of globalization.

Refer to course description pages to identify courses with prerequisites.
Courses in italics meet General Education requirements

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