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Rockville Retail Ops Student Employment Form

Montgomery College Office of Auxiliary Services
Retail Operations Student Employment Application

Please type the semester and year
for which you are applying to work:

Are you applying as a College Work Study student?


If "YES," please enter your approved hours

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                                                                                                                               M Number 

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Best phone number to use to contact you



Are you a United States citizen?

If "NO," what type of Visa do you have? 


Other than English, what languages do you speak?

Do you know American Sign Language?


How long have you been attending Montgomery College?


What is your major?


What is your Grade Point Average?


How many credits have you registered for this semester?


Please list the courses for which you are currently registered.
Next to each course name,  list the days and times for each class:


Are you now or have you ever been on academic alert at MC?


Are you now or have you ever been on academic probation at MC?




 Monday - Saturday:  Are you able to work mornings?
(7:30 a.m. to noon)



Monday - Saturday:  Are you able to work afternoons?
(noon to 5 p.m.)





Monday - Saturday:  Are you able to work evenings?
(5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.)




Are you able to work extra hours for special events? 
(Sundays or times not regularly scheduled)  





Are you currently employed?



If "Yes", where? 

Your supervisor's name:

Your position/job duties: 





Work Phone: 

Your current Schedule at this job:


Have you ever worked at Montgomery College before?




If "Yes" which campus and office and when: 
Job Duities: 





Supervisor's Name: 

Please list any other work experience and references here. 
Please include location, time worked, supervisors name and contact information:


Knowledge, Abilities,and Skills:




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