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Translation and Interpretation Services

Montgomery College is dedicated to providing high-quality educational services for all students, faculty, staff, and residents in our county and to removing language barriers to College services. The College has contracted with Schreiber Translations, Inc., to offer in-person interpretation services as well as written translation services for many languages.

This service can be used to translate documents like brochures and flyers into multiple spoken languages or to bring in-person interpreters to a College event.

To request translation or interpretation, complete the Communications Request Form. Before placing a request, please obtain approval from your departmental supervisor. The Office of Community Engagement will approve requests based on available funding and will prioritize activities that have a demonstrated history of need for translation/interpretation.

For oral interpretation, indicate the type of oral interpretation needed, such as simultaneous (using headsets) or consecutive (an interpreter interprets after the speaker has finished a sentence or phrase). Also, provide pertinent details such as event location, date, and number of attendees. Please note that simultaneous interpretation includes headsets for up to 25 people. Minimum lead time for interpretation services is typically two weeks. Approved requests will be paid for by the Office of Community Engagement. Last-minute requests may not be accommodated.

If you have questions or would like more information, email

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