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Articulations with Four Year Colleges and Universities 

UMBC and Montgomery College offer an articulation agreement in conjunction with the Universities at Shady Grove that enables students to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work with a concentration and minor in Sociology. Social Work majors with minors in Sociology have a wide range of career options available to them when they graduate. Some pursue additional educational training while others choose to enter the work force immediately. Students take their lower division courses at Montgomery College and complete their upper division courses at UMBC at the Universities at Shady Grove location in Rockville, MD. Additional time at Montgomery College and UMBC may be needed for completion of all of the requirements.

The information provided here does not indicate a comprehensive listing of all degree requirements. Additional information about academic rules and regulations can be found in each institutions catalog. Every student should consult an advisor every semester about appropriate course selection for meeting the following requirements.

Get a Certificate or Letter of Recognition in Ethnic Social Studies

Migration and globalization have contributed to the diversity of the United States and Montgomery County in particular. Many organizations and businesses see the need for training individuals to learn about ‘others’ so that they can interact cooperatively, be more sensitive to individuals of other ethnic groups, and participate more effectively in a multicultural environment in their work.   Learn More and View Requirements (pdf)

Do you plan to transfer to another Maryland college or univesity? 

Learn more about tranferability through ARTSYS, the Articulation System.

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