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Welcome to MC Books & More

Welcome to MC Books & More

Germantown • Rockville • Takoma Park/Silver Spring

Frequently Asked Questions
• Use this page to help you find the answer to some of our most common questions.
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 Where are the stores located? 
 What days and times are you open? 
I have questions about Online Orders
What page do I need to visit to find out
the books I need for my class & to order books?
 Can I buy my books at any store? 
I am taking both a lecture and a lab course, but
only see a book(s) listed for the lecture. Where is
the lab book?
On my class schedule, what do the campus
designations mean and where do I buy my books
if my class is off-campus?
or SUBSTITUTE mean on the Booklist?
Can I return a book? 
What is buyback? 
How can I use financial aid to pay for my books? 
What is IMAG?
Is MC Books & More a part of Montgomery College?
Who is MBS?

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