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Retirees Benefit Information

NEW!   Online Retiree Insurance Paymentpay your retiree insurance premium online 

Montgomery College Retiree Group Insurance Enrollment Form: This form is used to notify the Office of Human Resources and Strategic Talent Management of any changes a retiree wishes to make to his/her benefits.

Retiree Group Insurance Rates: Rates for retirees with 10 or more years of service



Health Insurance Information, Forms and Links

  CIGNA PPO (Preferred Provider Organization)

 PPO Claim Form 

Summary of Benefits 

CIGNA Health Care Website  

 CIGNA POS (Point of Service)     

 POS Claim Form

 Summary of Benefits 

CIGNA Health Care Website  


 Caremark Prescription Drug Plan


Effective January 1, 2008 for those insured with either of the CIGNA plans, prescription coverage is through CVS Caremark. All members were mailed new ID cards with the CVS Caremark and Montgomery College logo printed on it. 

Effective January 1, 2015 for those insured in the CIGNA/Medicare plan, prescription coverage is through Silver Script. All members will be mailed new ID cards.

 PPO Prescription Benefits-at-a- Glance 

 Mail Service Order Form 

 POS Prescription Benefits-at-a-Glance

 Prescription Drug Claim Form 

 Caremark Website

 Silver Script Website

 Customer Care: 1-888-790-4266



Dental Insurance Information, Forms and Links

CIGNA (PPO Preferred Provider Organization )Dental                                         

Summary of Benefits

CIGNA PPO Dental Claim Form 

CIGNA Website 


Cigna DentalCare Plan 

Cigna DentalCare Plan- This plan provides dental coverage under an HMO-like structure. This plan provides coverage based on a predetermined fee schedule with many basic services being covered at NO CHARGE. There are no patient charges for most preventative procedures, no claim forms, no deductibles and no annual dollar maximums. Complex procedures are available at low, pre-set patient charges.

Fee Schedule

CIGNA Website 

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