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CMS Reference Guide

The Aloha Editor  

The current editor for our CMS is called Aloha, like our past editor, it is a WYSIWYG "What You See Is What You Get" editor. The benefit of using these types of editors is that content managers can create web pages without prior HTML knowledge.

The Aloha editor appears when your hover the cursor over editable content (a yellow border appears). When you click the content, the border turns blue, and a floating editor toolbar appears.

Aloha Editor Toolbar

Cut, copy, and paste are accessible through your browser. Right-click to choose them or use keyboard shortcuts.

Use the Inspector to perform advanced actions on content items (images, hyperlink, paragraphs, and so on). If enabled, the Inspector appears at the bottom of the editor. Click to open, set values, then click outside the dialog to save and minimize.

Aloha Editor Inspector


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