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Office of Compliance, Risk, and Ethics

Student Disclosures - Need to Know

Disclosure of information to students is mandated by many federal laws and regulations. In maintaining Montgomery College's long-held commitment to full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, student disclosures are sent to student email accounts using the e-mailbox.

For the Academic Year 2018-19 the following student disclosures have been distributed:

Title IX and EEO/Non-Discrimination Notice (9/5/18)

HEOA - Need to Know Information (9/10/18)

Copyright & Peer-to-Peer (9/11/18)

FERPA (9/13/18)

Drug/Alcohol Abuse Prevention - Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Disclosure (9/18/18)

Voter Registration (9/20/18)

Annual Security Report (9/28/18)

EADA - Equity in Athletics Disclosure (10/12/18)

Non-Discrimination Notice (1/25/19)

HEOA - Need to Know Information (1/31/19)

Copyright and Peer-to-Peer Notice (2/7/19)

FERPA Notice (2/12/19)

Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Notice (2/13/19)

For the Academic Year 2017-18 the following student disclosures were distributed:


Information provided by the Office of Compliance, Risk, and Ethics does not constitute privileged legal advice.

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