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Fall 2010

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By Carolina Peña ’07Josh and Moira Carin

Sitting in a French restaurant across from her boyfriend Josh, Moira Geronimo lifted her wine glass to take a sip. Her eyes detected a glint at the bottom of the glass—an engagement ring! That moment in 1996 marked the beginning of their commitment to each other. The fact that it took place in a restaurant was no accident.

“For us, love blossomed in a restau-rant kitchen,” says Josh Carin ’87, who first met Moira in 1992. He was managing Geppetto, a Bethesda-based restaurant and catering business. He needed to hire, so Josh called Janet Saros, his former professor in the Hospitality Management program. She recommended a student, Moira Geronimo ’92, for the job. Moira proved to be reliable—and good company.

“We would finish work early and then hang out afterwards, go downtown, see a movie, and spend time with friends,” says Josh. “Our relationship went from a working relationship, to a close friendship, and into a romance.”

Geppetto, originally composed of four restaurants and a catering service, served patrons in Bethesda and Georgetown. The restaurants were later sold to grow the most profitable part of the business: Geppetto Catering. Moira started working there when the business was relatively small.

Now 12 years after their wedding, the Carins head up the business, and its 28 full-time employees. They cater
to Washington’s top executives, high-profile events, television networks, and the federal government. Despite
the long work days (Josh often wants more time with his family), both Carins believe the food business has made their marriage stronger.

“My advantage,” says Josh, “is that I have a spouse who gets it. Her support is our true strength.”

The Carins live with their two children just minutes away from the Rockville Campus. Visit for more information about their business.

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