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A Montgomery College Community

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The Peace and Justice Studies Community at Montgomery College

All e-mail addresses are in the format:, unless another address is given.

Genevieve Carminati, Professor of English and Women's Studies, M T212E, Rockville, (240) 567-7446

Stefanie Cox, Adjunct Professor of Reading/AELP, HS 159, Germantown, (240) 476-4788

John Daniel, Student, Rockville Campus,

Mike Eckert, Professor of English, SB 104b, Rockville, (240) 567-7714

Enas Elhanafi, Office of Advancement and Community Engagement, 9221 Corporate Blvd., 4th floor, Rockville, (240) 567-1759

Howard Feinstein, Professor of History & Political Science, HU 008, Rockville, (240) 743-9889,

Denise Folwell, Professor of English, MT225, Rockville, (240) 567-7912

Trienne Glover, Professor of English, RC110, Takoma Park/SS, (240) 567-1372

Layla M. Hashemi, Professor of History/Political Science, HU016, Rockville, (240) 567-5242

Tulin Levitas, Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies, MT431a, Rockville, (240) 567-7430

Sally McClean, Adjunct Professor of English, Germantown, (240) 567-2012    

Monika Megyesi, Mediator/Facilitator (Consultant), Rockville,

Mark Miller, Librarian, RC213A, Takoma Park/Silver Spring (240) 567-1538

Nancy Nyland, Librarian, HS212D, Germantown, (240) 567-7854

Pat Ruppert, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, HU016, Rockville (240) 567-5242

Esther Schwartz-McKinzie, Paul Peck Humanities Institute, MT212, Rockville, (240) 567-5170

Effie Siegel, Professor of English, MT224, Rockville, (240) 567-7440

Alonzo Smith, Professor of History, HU276, Rockville, (240) 567-7283

Hilda Smith, Student Development, CB224, Rockville, (240) 567-5116

Bill Soderberg, Professor of Philosophy, MT518, Rockville, (240) 567-7428

Amanda Truett, Professor of Biological Sciences, MP248, Takoma Park/Silver Spring, (240) 567-1441

Laura White, Center for Professional & Organizational Development, 40 W. Gude Dr., Rockville, (240) 567-4297

Rachael Wilson, Professor of English, MT418, Rockville, (240) 567-4008

Tymofey Wowk, Professor of English, Takoma Park/Silver Spring, (240) 567-3944

Peace Action Montgomery

Professor Patricia Ruppert, Cooordinator, HU016, Rockville Campus  (240) 567-5242

Nancy Nyland, Webmaster, (240) 567-7854

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