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The Office of Community Engagement takes Montgomery College beyond the campus and into the community through community engagement centers, partnerships with non-profits, community events, regular communication, and grass roots community outreach.  Our primary job is to help under-served and under-represented communities connect with Montgomery College.

The Office of Community Engagement is charged with being the face of the College in the community.  Its mission is to be active partners in the community to help empower students and residents.


  • Implement a communications plan to promote College events in the community and to highlight the College's work in the community through cable TV, social media, e-newsletters, and multilingual outreach.
  • Implement a proactive Community Engagement plan that includes co-organizing events for the community, institutional representation at key community events, as well as intensive outreach to under-served and under-represented communities.
  • Establish two community engagement centers.
  • Manage partnerships with non-profit, government, and business partners.

Our specialists speak multiple languages, providing access for people who speak English, Spanish, Amharic, French, or Swahili. We’re ready to help anyone find the next step toward success, whether it’s advanced classes or basic computer skills.

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