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Women's and Gender Studies


The Women's and Gender Studies Program
Wins the 2014 AAWCC Community College Award

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The Montgomery College Women's and Gender Studies Program (WGSP) has received the 2014 Community College Award from the American Association for Women in Community Colleges (AAWCC)

Excerpts from scholarship winners' application essays were selected for use in the event's program, underscoring their leadership in women's, gender-related or other socially conscious program, including this one:

                                            "I believe when women are visible and have their own voice in major institutions,
                                           their voices can bridge a gender gap and promote gender equality in every society."   


The Women's and Gender Studies Program offers courses about women and gender for both women and men. 

The program is designed to explore the experiences and contributions of women to their cultures. 

Informed by feminist theory, Women's Studies courses:

  • challenge false assumptions and theories about women, race, and class
  • encourage rigorous critical thinking
  • raise issues of gender bias and the subjective nature of knowledge
  • support women's development as individuals and as participating members of their larger communities
  • expand women's and men's options beyond the limits of traditional gender roles.

These writing-intensive courses help students consider the difference that gender makes in family relationships, friendships, education, and work. They are comfortable settings for delving into feminist scholarship and theory.

In addition to the interdisciplinary introductory course on women's and gender studies, courses in the program include:  women's history, literature, sociology, psychology, physical education, and women's health.

Honors modules are available for some classes. Service learning and internship opportunities are frequently offered. Opportunities to pursue independent study projects are also available.

Germantown Campus Coordinator

Professor Joanne Bagshaw
20200 Observation Dr.
Germantown, MD 20876

(240) 567-1977

Collegewide and Rockville 
Collegewide Women's and Gender Studies ProgramDirector

Professor Genevieve Carminati
51 Mannakee Street
Rockville, MD 20850
(240) 567-7446

Om Rusten, Administrative Aide, 240-567-4100

Takoma Park/Silver Spring Coordinator 

Professor Bess Vincent

7600 Takoma Avenue
Takoma Park, MD 20912

(240) 567-1397

Nancy Nyland , Webmaster, (240) 567-7854

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