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Youth MC One Day Adventures
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MC One Day Adventures

Youth MC Adventures are one day enrichment programs that are offered several times a year around the county. Visit School year programs for class information and online registration information.

Black Rocket, Saturday April  21st, 2018
Grades 3-6 from 8:30am - 3:30pm

Black Rocket provided unique enrichment and educational programs in Creative Sciences, Digital Arts, and Leadership. Select a morning session, and an afternoon session, with alternates for each from the seven listed below:

  1. Advanced Robotics, Learn to program a robot, control sensors, maneuver it around obstacles, test and modify your programs.
  2. Code Breaking, Discover the foundation of coding by learning how to break and fix code in this interactive and fun workshop.
  3. Digital Animation, Learn the basics of 2D animation and game design by creating and animating characters & background
  4. Minecraft Engineering, Redstone is the Minecraft equivalent of electricity in this electrifying class you will learn the basics of Redstone and building a piston door and light switch.
  5. Minecraft World Builder,, Learn how to create a custom Minecraft map with a special software that will allow you to create your own world through terraforming and painting biomes and vegetation.
  6. Robotics 101,, Create mini-bots and experiment with basic design principles. Work in pairs or groups for these hands on activities
  7. Video Game Design, Love video games? Build a level in a 2D game and learn crucial elements to game design.

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