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Online Registration Restrictions and Instructions

Registration Information, Options and Policies
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Online Instructions
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WD&CE Online Registration Restrictions:

  1. You should NOT use the online application if you:
    1. Are enrolling in a credit class, this online application is for noncredit classes only.
    2. Are eligible for and requesting tuition waiver. (example: senior waiver although returning seniors may register online, or  National Guard waivers).
    3. Are under 16 years of age: You must first get permission to take a course by contacting the program’s Program Director.
    4. Youth Programs. See Youth Programs for special registration instructions.
    5. Noncredit Online courses have a special registration procedure.
    6. Are applying for Special Program Offerings from WD&CE:
      • English as a Second Language (ESL)
      • Pathways to Success
    7. Are using a third party check to pay for your class.

    Online Registration Information:

  2. Non-U.S. citizens will be assessed an out-of-state fee unless they appear in person with supporting documentation.  If you have any questions, please call 240-567-5188.
  3. These Credit Cards are Accepted: Credit Cards Accepted
  4. If you have not completed your application within 10 business days, you will need to submit a new application.
  5. If you need support services due to a disability, please register for class first, then call 240-567-5188 or email at least four weeks prior to the start of your class to arrange for accommodations and/or assistive technology.
  6. Completing the online application signifies you agree to the following:

I certify that the information on this application is correct and complete. (I understand that falsification may result in dismissal and/or retroactive adjustment of tuition and fees.) I also certify that I am aware of the College’s policy on drug and alcohol abuse prevention and understand that the policy is available upon request. Additionally, I understand that I am responsible for all costs including necessary collection costs to satisfy my debts to the College.  Upon request by a designated College official, I agree to provide evidence of the information on this application for verification by the College.

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