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Tuition Waiver for Disabled Students

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WD&CE Tuition Waiver for Disabled Students Guide

HB104 (, enacted by the 2011 Maryland General Assembly, redefines the tuition waiver for students with disabilities as those out of the workforce by reason of total and permanent disability and entering community colleges. HB 104 superceded previous legislation and proposed significant changes to Section 16-106c of the Education Article, Annotated Code of Maryland. HB53, effective July 1, 2012, allows for Workforce Development & Continuing Education students to receive disability waivers.

SSA Verification (formerly known as the Tuition Waiver)


  1. Any resident of Maryland who is out of the workforce because of a permanent disability as defined by the Social Security Act, the Railroad Retirement Act, or in the case of former federal employees, the Office of Personnel Management, and enrolls in a community college class that has at least 10 regularly enrolled students, may be eligible for tuition waiver.
  2. Individual receiving SSI or SSDI benefits as a dependent or survivor of a disabled beneficiary do not qualify for this waiver.

The Student Will:

NEW: SSA Verification. Social Security Administration needs to provide you with a benefit verification letter certifying that you are receiving Social Security disability benefits. There is no longer a specific form to fill out. They will provide you with a letter or documentation, stamped and dated, that will verify you are receiving SSA Disability benefits.

  • SSA Verification is good for one Academic Year (Academic year starts with the Fall semester). This must be renewed every August prior to the start of the Fall Semester.
  • If you are unsure if you have current SSA verification on file, Customer Service 240-567-5188, will be able to assist you with that information.
  1. Obtain a SSA Verification letter or documentation from the Social Security Administration stamped and dated
  2. The Social Security Administration office that serves your area, or, if appropriate, to the Railroad Retirement Board or the federal agency from which you retired due to disability, will be able to provide you with current verification (stamped and dated) to verify that you are receiving SSI or SSDI payments and are permanently disabled.
  3. Return the completed SSA Verification documentation to one of the Workforce Development & Continuing Education (WD&CE) Customer Service offices (unless you already have a current one on file) along with your registration form and payment prior to the first day of class to be eligible for the tuition waiver.
  4. The SSA Verification is only valid for one Acacemic Year (Academic Year starts with the Fall Semester). Forms must be renewed each August prior to the start of Fall Semester.


  1. All awarded grants and scholarships will be applied first to pay your tuition.
  2. The tuition waiver does not apply to fees
  3. In accordance with the Maryland General Assembly guideline, Montgomery College will discontinue the tuition waiver if you enroll in a course with less than 10 regularly enrolled students.


For tuition waiver for students with disabilities for credit programs, will also need to have SSA Verification on file.

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