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UGotClass offers a wide array of affordable online courses in the areas of Business, Business Education, Career Skills, Health, Human Resources, Leadership, Management, New Media Marketing, Professional Development, Social Media for Business, Courses for Parents, Training and Education, Training for K-12 Teachers.

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Featured Program: Certificate in Data Analysis, a series of three courses in  Data Analysis:  Introduction, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.

Data Analysis Certificate with UGotClass

Data Analysis is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after skills in the workplace. Businesses look for candidates with an understanding of how to analyze the data they have been collecting.  Companies have vast amounts of data, but it is rare to have someone with the ability to analyze that data to see trends and make predictions.   This three-part series will give you an understanding of how to analyze data in a business setting. Take the guesswork out of important company decisions and make decisions based on statistically significant information.  Whether your business is home based or a large company, this series of classes will take you to the next level where important decision-making is concerned.

Check out the listing of UGotClass courses. Want a more in-depth course of study? Certificates are also available for some courses taken in a sequence, check out UGotClass Certificates for more information. UGotClass offers online courses that are interactive, with multimedia, and nationally recognized experts as your online teachers. Classes are usually four weeks long, and are repeated quarterly. Prices vary.

How Do I Register, and Pay for a Noncredit UGotClass Online Course?

Step 1. Browse our list of UGotClass courses to find the one you want.

Step 2 .Write down the Start Date, Course Title, Price, use "UGotClass" as the course number ( you will need this information for the registration form)

Step. 3. Click the enroll now button, which will return you to Montgomery College, where you will find the Online Registration Form

Step 4. Fill out a Online Registration / Payment form. use "UGotClass" as the course number. You must pay for the class at the time of registration.

Step 5. You will receive a confirmation of payment from Montgomery College

Step 6. On the Wednesday prior to the start date of the class you will receive an email confirmation from UGotClass with user name and password instructions so you may access your class which starts the following Monday (most classes start on Mondays, however due to some Federal holidays some start Tuesdays)

What if I need to drop the class?

You may drop the class for a full refund if you contact us by the first Friday of the class.

What if I want to register for the class after it has already started?

You may still enroll in the class up to the first Friday of the class at the very latest.

What do I do to get a Certificate for the courses I have taken?

Visit the UGotClass Certificates page to see which series/bundle of courses are eligible for a Certificate. If you successfully complete all the courses with an 80% or better final score you can request a Certificate. Contact us for more information.

Do I get college credit for these classes?

These are noncredit courses. However they will appear on your Montgomery College transcript with an indication of "CP" for complete if you got a score of 80% or higher on the final or "NCP" for not complete if you did not.

Special note:

College credit available for a small number of classes. A select number of courses are eligible for credit from the University of South Dakota for an additional fee. Learn more.

Alternate Payment Options:

  • Alternate payment option for Employers/Employees. A printable registration form is available for Employers or Employees who cannot use the online credit card option (some government offices have firewalls which prevent this), use pre-approved payment vouchers, or must pay by check. Montgomery College employees may use EAP to pay for these courses. These registrations may be faxed to 240-567-7871, or mailed to Montgomery College, 12 South Summit Ave. 4th Floor, Customer Service, Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877. If you have any questions please contact Customer Service at 240-567-7872.

    If you have questions about your noncredit online course you may contact Janet Lane at 240-567-6938 or email Or you may contact Customer Service at 240-567-5188.

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