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Nursing Refresher Clinical Prerequisites
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A. Nursing License:

Nursing License: If your Maryland license has lapsed, you must apply for, pay for, and receive an inactive license. If you have an active license from any state other than Maryland, you must apply for and receive a Maryland license one month after orientation. Please e-mail Wendy Wells, the program director, for information at .

B. CPR Certification:

CPR Certification: This must be a healthcare provider-level course from American Heart Association or equivalent. 

C. A Complete Physical Exam

A complete physical exam, signed by your health provider, within 9 months of the start date for clinical. (You must use the Montgomery College Nurse Refresher Health Inventory form).

D. Proof of Immunity to the Following Diseases:

Mumps, Measles (Rubeola) and Rubella:

Must provide serologic evidence that you are immune to Mumps, Measles and Rubella (positive titers). If blood titers are negative for any of these 3 diseases, you must receive two (2) doses of Mumps, Measles and Rubella vaccine (MMR) given 4 weeks apart. (Information documenting past MMR vaccinations is appreciated but cannot take the place of the titer test results.)


Must provide serologic evidence that you are immune to Varicella (positive titers). If titers are negative, you are required to receive two (2) doses of Varicella vaccine given 4 weeks apart. (Documentation of childhood disease will not be accepted).

Hepatitis B:

Three (3) doses of Hepatitis B vaccine given 0,1, and 6 months apart, followed by Hepatitis B surface antibody testing 1-2 months after dose #3 is required. If you cannot provide documentation of the 4-step vaccination process described above, you must obtain serologic evidence of immunity (positive Hep Bs Antibody titer). If this titer is negative for immunity, the vaccination series must be repeated.

Tetanus, Diptheria, and Pertussis:

Documentation of one (1) dose of Tdap vaccine (not to be confused with Dtap) in the past two (2) years, regardless of when the last Tetanus and Diptheria vaccine was given.


Vaccine is to be given 1 month prior to the start date for clinical.

E. Tuberculin Skin Test:

Tuberculin Skin Test: (Mantoux Tuberculine test) within 9 months of the start date for clinical is required. If test results show TB exposure in the past or present, you must obtain clearance from your health provider that you are able to attend clinical. A chest x-ray may be needed. (Use the Montgomery College TB clearance form which will be provided with the Health Inventory Form when getting evaluated.)

Please note: Vaccine series must be completed prior to clinical start date. All laboratory titers must have date blood was drawn as well as test results.

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