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World Language Textbooks
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Note to all students signing up for language courses in WD&CE: All language classes with a course code beginning with 'LAN' require textbooks. Text costs are in addition to course fees. Most texts will be used for more than one year of study. Please be advised that you should purchase only the edition that is listed, unless alternative editions are specifically listed as acceptable. Textbooks are available at Montgomery College's Rockville campus bookstore.

Language textbooks Summer 2016
Course Text(s)
American Sign Language Courses
LAN 079
Learning American Sign Language, Levels I & II, 2nd Edition
French Courses
LAN 041, 042,
Voilà, Vol. 1 (required), Audio CD (optional)**
LAN 179
Conversational French in 7 Days &
Communicating in French
German Courses
LAN 054
Alles Klar? 2nd Edition &
Alles Klar? 2nd Edition Workbook / Lab Manual
Hebrew Courses
LAN 171
Hebrew from Scratch, Part 1
Italian Courses
LAN 155
Italian for Dummies, 2nd edition
Korean Courses
Mandarin Courses
LAN 133
No text required
LAN 165
Chinese for Dummies, 2nd edition
Spanish Courses
LAN 009, 010
Nexos, Vol 1, 3rd edition with Student Activities Manual, and Premium Website. *See Nexos instructions
LAN 086, 111, 174
No text required
LAN 151
Learn Spanish the Fast and Fun Way, 4th Edition
LAN 183
Paso Adelante ACP
LAN 184

Nexos Volumes 1, 2, and 3 are custom bound with Student Activities Manual, and Premium website. These volumes are only available for purchase at the MC Bookstore. See MC Bookstore/Textbooks for more information. See Nexos Instructions for more information and other options.

**Nexos,  Oggi in Italia, and Voilà are also offered in many other formats, including a textbook rental option. Please go to to check out your options and save.

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