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World Language FAQs
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World Language classes can help you realize your goal of learning Spanish, Farsi, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin or American Sign Language (see Course Descriptions), without worrying about grades or big exams. The goal of our language courses is to help you communicate in the language as quickly as possible. Part of every class is devoted to conversation practice; grammar is taught to support this goal of communication. You will be delighted with how much you are able to say, even after the first class. Why Learn Another Language?(PDF)

You can choose from a variety of locations, days and times. Most classes are held in Montgomery County Public Schools in your community. You may seek additional assistance by contacting Camille Cauley, Program Manager at, or 240-567-1862.


language class notes How do I determine what level of study is best for me?

Ask yourself: If I am in a situation where I must speak the language, how well am I able to understand and be understood? Then read through the Course Descriptions to find the level that seems most appropriate. Not all classes/levels are offered every semester. Check the Class Schedule and registration information for current classes. When you go to the first class you may confer with the instructor and then transfer to a more appropriate level if necessary. You may seek additional assistance by contacting Camille Cauley, Program Manager at, or 240-567-5515.

There are so many levels of Spanish classes, how do I know which one to take?
To help you make the correct decision, we have compiled a general guide to our Spanish classes. If you are still unsure, you may seek additional assistance by contacting Camille Cauley, Program Manager at, or 240-567-5515.

How do I transfer?
Send an email to stating which CRN# you are currently registered in and which one you wish to transfer to.

What about books?
All foreign language classes with a course code beginning with ‘LAN’ require textbooks. Text costs are in addition to course fees. List of Textbooks with LAN#. Most texts will be used for two or more years of study. Please be advised that you should purchase the edition that is listed, unless alternative editions are specifically listed as acceptable.

How can I purchase my book(s)?
These texts, listed by LAN#, are available through the Rockville Campus bookstore of Montgomery College. Please go to MC Books & More for details about purchasing, buy backs, returns, contact information, etc. You do not need to go on campus to make your purchase. You may use the Montgomery College online purchasing service or call to have your book mailed to you or to another campus for more convenient pick-up. Call 240-567-5347 or 240-567-5389

What’s the address of my course location?
To assist you, we have compiled a listing of MCPS locations and maps.

What about holidays and inclement weather?
Most evening LAN classes are held in Montgomery County Public Schools, thus they do not meet on MCPS school holidays or during MCPS spring break. These are listed as exception dates in your course description. PLEASE NOTE: Occasionally there will be further adjustments to your class schedule to accommodate MCPS school events planned after the WD&CE schedule goes to print. You will be notified of these changes in a timely manner.
In case of inclement weather, listen for announcements from Montgomery County Public Schools, not Montgomery College. Classes that meet at Montgomery College campus sites will follow Montgomery College's inclement weather policy.

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