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Photography Courses
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Lifelong Learning Photography Courses

Lifelong Learning courses are designed primarily for students age 50 and over. Not all listed courses are offered each semester. See schedule of Lifelong Learning classes to find current schedules, location, dates, and costs.

Photography: Food For Thought

Digital Photography, LLI-623 – Hours: 75

This course will introduce you to digital photography, beginning with traditional photographic and art concepts. You will be instructed on camera settings, lens choices, focus settings, compositional quality, lighting, and much more. The course is built around a variety of assignments that include specific topics and issues such as lighting, photographing people, and motion. You will learn basic applications of Adobe Photoshop to optimize and enhance your images. The work of famous photographers will be examined and analyzed. No prior photography experience is required. Two hours lecture, four hours laboratory each week. Tuition waiver applies; seniors pay fee only.

Digital Photography for Fine Arts II, LLI-644 – Hours: 75

This course is designed for students who are experienced with setting f/stops and shutter speeds, and have some experience finding their way around a digital SLR. Concepts and techniques that were introduced in the Digital Photography class will be explored in greater depth, and you will likewise expand your mastery of Adobe Photoshop in creative image making. Projects and assignments will be designed to further challenge you and encourage exploration of more individualized themes. Prerequisites: Digital Photography (ILL623) or equivalent experience. Tuition waiver applies; seniors pay fee only.

Street Photography LLI-839 8 Hours

Street photography is more popular than ever because the amateur photographer has access to high quality cameras in mobile phones and digital cameras. The proliferation of always available personal cameras also raises the issue of ethics and privacy in public places. This introductory class will explore the genre of street photography through its history, techniques, equipment and ethical considerations. Students will produce photographs as they explore the different aspects of street photography and generate a final body of work that demonstrates their personal vision within the genre of street photography.

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