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Personal Enrichment
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Lifelong Learning Personal Enrichment Courses

Lifelong Learning courses are designed primarily for students age 50 and over. Not all listed courses are offered each semester. See schedule of Lifelong Learning classes to find current schedules, location, dates, and costs.

A.S.K., LLI 458 – Hours: 15

Are you intellectually curious? If so, then A.S.K. (Adults Seeking Knowledge) is for you! A.S.K. offers an array of weekly programs and lectures, including invited experts who present lectures covering a wide range of topics. Past topics have included subjects from the categories of current events, science, history, world travels, mediation for seniors, opera, alternative medicine, and fitness and health. Tuition waiver applies; seniors pay fee only.

A.S.K. About Technology LLI 954

This course examines areas of technology that impact daily living. Topics to be covered in a given semester will vary and may include: managing finances via technology; television viewing and streaming (Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV, etc.) adaptive technology for seniors and persons with disabilities; medical technology; home technology; bluetooth technology; automotive technology, voice-activated technology; resources for current technology. This course will feature multiple speakers.

Being Human: Religion and Spirituality, LLI810 - 8 Hours

Religion is a cultural universal, occurring in some form in every society. In this course, we’ll explore the nature of religion and spirituality from an anthropological perspective. We’ll address the BIG questions: How does a person come to believe something? Is belief compatible with science? What do people of various faiths actually believe-and how do their spiritual traditions shape their lives? Does religion structure society, or vice versa? Join us for an exploration of human spirituality, a grand tour of world faiths, and a series of lively discussions. Tuition waiver applies; seniors pay fee only.

Evolution and Creationism: Why Can’t We Get Along? LLI-896 4 Hours

Evolution and creationism: are they irreconcilable enemies? What’s really at the heart of this centuries-old animosity? In the first session, we’ll frame these two radically different ways of knowing, explore their roots, and get at the heart of their disagreement. During the second session, we’ll look for common ground, seek a meeting of the minds, and search for a viewpoint that allow these diverse positions to peacefully and respectfully co-exist.

Genealogy: Researching Your Family History LLI-908 8 Hours

Early in our lives we may wonder how our family members lived and how they accomplished what they did given the absence of conveniences and technology. We may not pursue researching our family legacies, resulting in an inability to tell current and future generations about important aspects of their heritage. Learn what you can do to put an end to such neglect and discover who you are and what binds past to present and future generations of your family.

Women Who Made Us Laugh LLI-885 8 Hours

From Late Vaudeville (early 1950’s) to the Post Modern Women’s Comedy Festival
This course will present and evaluate the contributions of individual comics such as Gilda Radner, Carol Burnett, Lily Tomlin, Goldie Hawn, Mary Tyler Moore, Roseanne Barr, Tina Fey, and Ellen DeGeneres, as well as women comics as a group. Many of these female comics have offered a special contribution to variety shows like Laugh-in and SNL. Join us for a fun and interactive trip through women in comedy from late Vaudeville to the present time.


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