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Home and Garden, and Interior Design
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Lifelong Learning Home and Garden Courses

Lifelong Learning courses are designed primarily for students age 50 and over. Not all listed courses are offered each semester. See schedule of Lifelong Learning classes to find current schedules, location, dates, and costs.

Annuals and Perennials, Course: ILL592, 50 Hours

This course, designed to help you make appropriate selections for landscaping situations, identifies and examines annuals, perennials, and ornamental grasses used in residential and commercial landscaping. Your garden will look better than ever. Three Saturday field trips are included in this class. You must provide your own transportation. Tuition waiver applies; seniors pay fee only.

Woody Plant Identification, ILL413 – Hours: 50

We will take an in-depth look at over 100 deciduous and evergreen plants. Includes optional Saturday field trip. Tuition waiver applies; seniors pay fee only.

Basic Fruit Gardening, ILL647 – Hours: 2.5

There are many fruits that can be grown in Maryland at home with minimal work by the gardener. This class will cover many of the less labor intensive fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, hardy kiwis, paw paws, figs, and persimmons. Site selection, when to plant, how to plant, and how to maintain these crops will be discussed.

Introduction to Organic Vegetable Gardening, ILL646 – Hours: 2.5

This class provides gardeners a way to produce vegetables for their household while using sustainable gardening approaches. This class will cover what to plant, when to plant, and how to plant many vegetable crops that are well suited to Maryland. Pests and diseases and how to control them organically will also be discussed. You will also be given guidance in designing your vegetable gardens.

Extending the Vegetable Garden Growing Season, ILL658 – Hours: 2.5

Season-extension techniques give vegetable gardeners the ability to start crops earlier and grow crops later into the fall and over the winter. Learn the basic growing needs of different crops throughout the growing season. How to build and use solar greenhouses such as tunnels and cold frames will be discussed in detail. Vegetable garden planning using season-extension techniques will also be discussed.

Interior Design

Interior Design Magic, ILL584 – Hours: 16

This course will give you a basic understanding of the principles of design. In a dynamic, interactive atmosphere, we will explore color, space planning, style, and budget. You will draft and create a mood board based on a room in your own home. If you enjoy HGTV, this is the class for you. You will also explore career opportunities in interior design. Tuition waiver applies; seniors pay fee only.

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