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Home and Garden, and Interior Design Courses
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Lifelong Learning Home and Garden Courses

Lifelong Learning courses are designed primarily for students age 50 and over. Not all listed courses are offered each semester. See schedule of Lifelong Learning classes to find current schedules, location, dates, and costs.

Introduction to Spring Flowers LLI-899 8 Hours NEW

This course will introduce the beginning plant enthusiast to the basics of spring wildflower identification, appreciation, and conservation, including: how to use a field guide; how to distinguish one species from another; and where and when to look for spring flowers in our region. The natural history (and secret lives!) of spring wildflowers will also be discussed. Each class session will include an on-site, outdoor exploration of native plantings and natural habitats to track the seasonal unfolding of blooms.

Introduction to Organic Vegetable Gardening, LLI-825 - 5 Hours

This course provides gardeners a way to produce vegetables for their household while using sustainable gardening practices. This class will cover what to plant, when to plant, and how to plant vegetable crops that are well suited to Mary land. In addition, how to organically control pest and diseases will be discussed. Furthermore, guidance will be provided on designing vegetable gardens.

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