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An online tutorial to review or refresh skills for the Accuplacer Assessment Test

Advancer is a program designed to prepare students for the Accuplacer Assessment Test or to provide instruction and practice for those whose Accuplacer scores are not at desired levels. The Accuplacer Assessment Test is the current test used by Montgomery College and other institutions to assess readiness for college-level English, Math, and Reading. Advancer is available to address each of the subject areas separately and students may enroll for one, two, or three of the program areas. Following an orientation to the process, students will take the diagnostic test(s) for which they registered. A counselor will review the results and a personalized online coursework program to improve needed skill sets is developed. The counselor will be available as the students work through the first lesson. Online assistance is available throughout the preparation period.

Who should take Advancer? Have you taken the Accuplacer test and your score is not what you had hoped for? Are you unsure how you will do on the Accuplacer test, and would like to prepare for the test? Advancer may help you. If you have any questions or would like further information contact Michelle Williams, Counselor, 240-567-1769, or email:

Counselors are available before, during, and after the program. Once a subject area is completed, students notify the Advancer counselors and MD students are authorized to take/retake the applicable Accuplacer subject area.

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