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Project Management Courses for PDUs (Professional Development Units)

Project Management Courses for PDUs (Professional Development Units)

Risk Management, PMC-005:

Ignoring risks does not make them go away! Imagine preventing 90 percent of your project problems. How much could you improve project quality, cost, and schedule? Risk management is a project management methodology that includes risk planning, identification, qualification, risk response development, and control. Business and project managers need to understand what risks they face and adopt strategies for incorporating those opportunities into effective project management. This course includes techniques from international risk research and worldwide contributors, templates you can adapt and use in your projects, hundreds of risks and risk categories to help you identify risks, and a methodology to prevent many project problems. Project managers, project team members, technical staff, and mangers can benefit from the risk management techniques and templates in this course. Since the course also covers the basics of risk management, it is also useful for those preparing for the PMI® certification exams.
Textbook: Risk Management, Tricks of the Trade for Project Managers 2nd Edition, by Rita Mulchay, PMP, RMC Publications, $49.00 (suggested retail price)

Earned Value Management, MGT345:

Earned Value (EV) is a management tool for tracking and communicating a project status. Earned Value Management (EVM) will let you know the actual state of the project by comparing your current project performance against your plan. Knowing the project's performance will let you take actions needed to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget. Like any took, in order for EVM to be successful, it is very important that it is used correctly. EV is one of the most sophisticated and accurate methods for measuring and controlling project schedules and budgets. EV has been used extensively in large projects, especially in government projects. (4 PDUs)
Textbook: Earned Value Project Management, 4th Edition. Quentin W. Fleming and Joel M. Koppelman, $49.95 ( Suggested retail price)

Negotiating for Project Managers and other Professionals, PMC-006:

This course teaches the basics of negotiations. Students will learn how to identify objectives and variables, establish negotiation requirements, research the other party, determine concessions, formulate a plan for agreement, and determine the logistics of a negotiation. course activities also cover the guidelines for conducting a successful negotiation, and facilitating communication, questions a person should ask and appropriate responses, and situations that require a specific negotiation style. Students will also learn how to gain control in a negotiation, use various tactics, and deal with unethical negotiation tactics. (7.5 PDUs)
Textbook: Negotiating + CBY, Student manual, ISBN 1-488-4632-5, $33 (suggested retail price)

Project Teams, MGT347:

Students will learn how to resolve conflicts, reach consensus among team members, identify personal responsibilities and communication skills needed from team members, and improve team communication. Course activities also cover identifying team roles, and explaining how to avoid common pitfalls in project team meetings. Students will also learn how to establish and improve project teams, set team goals, motivate teams, and manage a team during times of change.(7.5 PDUs)
Textbook: Project Teams, Student manual, ISBN 1-4188-4652-X. $33 (suggested retail price)

Project Managing Outsourced Resources, PMC-007:

This course is for IT mangers and other project managers who are responsible for managing outsourced personnel or projects with oursourced personnel. Familiarity with project management concepts and knowledge of effective communication are recommended but not required. (8 PDUs).
Textbook: Project managing Outsourced Resources, Element K, ISBN 1-4246-1482-1, $50 (suggested retail price)

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