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Motorcycle Safety Schedule and Registration
Motorcyles and Motorcyle drivers
Motorcycle Safety Motorcycle Courses  Schedule / Registration Motorcycle FAQs

NOTICE: Please plan on arriving at least 30 minutes early for class as late arrivals may not be admitted!

Motorcycle Course costs:.
BRC (Basic Rider Course), Course #SFT025, $304.00 tuition and fees, add $140.00 for Non-Maryland Residents.
ABRC (Alternate Basic Rider Course), Course #SFT041, $250.00 tuition and fees, add $140.00 for Non-Maryland Residents.
BRC2 (Experienced Rider Course), Course #SFT057, $190.00 tuition and fees, add $120.00 for Non-Maryland Residents.

Check the Official Schedule Class Schedule/Register to see what classes are open for registration. Below you will find the "At a Glance Motorcyle Schedule" which shows the classes for the coming months. Due to term limitations some classes may not be open for registration yet. See Registration Information, Options and Policies for more information

Motorcycle classes meet, days, evenings, and/or weekends. This schedule gives you an idea of when your class meets
BRC Classes   ABRC, BRCII Classes
*Some classroom sessions are at Gaithersburg Business Training Center (GBTC) map
Germantown Campus, Humanities and Social Sciences Bldg. (GT-HS) Building map.

Check your schedule for times and locations. Be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before your class!!!

Directions to the Range.

This "At a Glance" schedule is for planning purposes and can change without notice.

Check the Official Schedule Class Schedule to see what classes are open for registration.

When you are ready to register for a class click this button Register NOW

T = Tuesday, W = Wednesday
R = Thursday, S = Saturday
U = Sunday

Meet at the Range 14 Firstfield Road, Gaithersburg
Directions to the Range. 
Wearing proper gear & with proof of insurance & license.  BRC2 may use own bike with proper transportation. BY 7:30 AM

Motorcycle Retest:
Scheduled As needed (typically Bi-Weekly) Sundays @ 1:00pm

At a Glance Motorcycle Safety Class Schedule 2015
Day 1 Class
Class Type Course
Course End
35948 GBTC 442/401 WDS BRC 31-Mar 2-Apr
35952 Firstfield Rd ABRC 4-Apr 4-Apr
35951 Firstfield Rd BRCII 5-Apr 5-Apr
35940 GBTC 403 WED BRC 8-Apr 12-Apr
35941 GBTC 442 WES BRC 15-Apr 19-Apr
35942 GBTC 403 WED BRC 22-Apr 26-Apr
35945 GBTC 442/404 WDS BRC 28-Apr 30-Apr
13 Firstfield Rd ABRC 2-May 2-May
14 Firstfield Rd ABRC 3-May 3-May
15 GBTC WDS BRC 5-May 7-May
16 GBTC WES BRC 6-May 10-May
17 GBTC WED BRC 13-May 17-May
19 GBTC WDS BRC 19-May 21-May
20 GBTC WES BRC 20-May 24-May
21 GBTC WED BRC 27-May 31-May
23 GBTC WDS BRC 2-Jun 4-Jun
24 GBTC WES BRC 3-Jun 7-Jun
25 GBTC WED BRC 10-Jun 14-Jun
27 GBTC WDS BRC 16-Jun 18-Jun
28 GBTC WES BRC 17-Jun 21-Jun
29 GBTC WED BRC 24-Jun 28-Jun
31 Firstfield Rd ABRC 5-Jul 5-Jul
32 GBTC WED BRC 8-Jul 12-Jul
34 GBTC WDS BRC 14-Jul 16-Jul
35 GBTC WES BRC 15-Jul 19-Jul
36 GBTC WES BRC 22-Jul 26-Jul
37 GBTC WDS BRC 28-Jul 30-Jul
38 GBTC WES BRC 29-Jul 2-Aug
39 GBTC WES BRC 5-Aug 9-Aug
40 GBTC WDS BRC 11-Aug 13-Aug
41 GBTC WES BRC 12-Aug 16-Aug
42 GBTC WES BRC 19-Aug 23-Aug
43 GBTC WDS BRC 25-Aug 27-Aug
44 GBTC WES BRC 26-Aug 30-Aug
45 Firstfield Rd ABRC 5-Sep 5-Sep
46 Firstfield Rd ABRC 6-Sep 6-Sep
47 GBTC WDS BRC 8-Sep 10-Sep
48 GBTC WED BRC 9-Sep 13-Sep
49 GBTC WED BRC 9-Sep 13-Sep
50 GBTC WDS BRC 15-Sep 17-Sep
51 GBTC WES BRC 16-Sep 20-Sep
52 GBTC WES BRC 23-Sep 27-Sep
53 GBTC WES BRC 30-Sep 4-Oct
54 GBTC WDS BRC 6-Oct 8-Oct
55 GBTC WED BRC 7-Oct 11-Oct
56 GBTC WED BRC 7-Oct 11-Oct
57 GBTC WES BRC 14-Oct 18-Oct
58 GBTC WDS BRC 20-Oct 22-Oct
59 GBTC WES BRC 21-Oct 25-Oct



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