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Motorcycle, Is it Right for You?
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Is A Motorcycle Right For You?

In this day and age of high gas prices, many people are turning to motorcycles as a way to beat the high cost of fuel. The traditional motorcycle rider is being replaced by people commuting on two wheels to save on gas. Many beginning riders are finding out that motorcycles, while saving gas, are not necessarily for everyone. Here are two articles on the pros and cons of driving a motorcycle.

The first is from The Washington Post

Ready to Rumble, With Care
U.S. Officials Seek Mandatory Helmet, Training Rules as Biker Deaths Rise
by Christian Davenport, Washington Post Staff Writer, Tuesday, October 7, 2008

From Karen, a student in our Motorcycle Safety Class:
Motorcycle Riding is Not for Everybody

"I recently, albeit unsuccessfully, took the motorcycle safety course.

I took the advice of both Henry and Victor (the Motorcycle Instructors), and purchased a used Honda Rebel 250cc to practice on before actually trying for my license. My husband, who is a rider, is very patient and has been an excellent teacher. My skills have improved and I have greater control. Now that I have actually had the time to examine my motives for wanting to ride, I decided that it is not for me. Each time I think about going out on the open road, (I'm practicing on the school parking lot) I get extremely apprehensive. Henry told me "that there was no shame in saying that this is just not for me." He was RIGHT. It's not for everybody. My biggest argument was that with so many women riding, I should be able to do it. Well, it's just not for me. I'm happy sitting on the back of my husband's bike. (probably where I belong) and not trying to prove something that could cost me my life.

I do think that this course needs to be redesigned. No one can learn to ride, maneuver, and control a bike in 2 days, especially if they have never done so before. I am glad that I dropped my bike, because I would have stubbornly and foolishly tried to complete the course. I shudder to think about the many people who do pass and perhaps should not have. I only hope they had the good sense to know that they need much more experience before going out on the road. I am so grateful for Henry and Victor's advice. They are excellent at what they do and I appreciate their honesty."


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