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Motorcycle Safety
TSI Motorcycle Safety students on motorcycles at the driving range
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Registration/ Schedule/ Cost

All Motorcycle Safety Courses Are:

  • Developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)
  • Taught by professional rider coaches
  • Recognized and Approved by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration
  • Open to anyone the age of 16 years and 7 months

Upon course completion, an MVA certificate will be issued. This certificate enables the purchase of a Maryland Motorcycle License without any further testing.

Course Types:

Basic Rider Course (BRC): Designed for those who have little to no riding experience, or individuals who have not ridden in a long time. This is an 18-hour licensing course with 3 teaching methods.

  1. eCourse - approximately 3 hours, Online interactive video learning, created by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. completion of this Online course is mandatory and is a prerequisite for the rest of the course.
  2. Classroom - approximately 5 hours, in class learning at an affiliated campus, focusing on safe riding strategies and practices, taught by MSF rider coaches. A knowledge test will be taken on the last classroom day.
  3. Riding - approximately 10 hours, riding practice on our range, taught by MSF rider coaches. A riding test will be taken o the last riding day.
  4. Course Cost: for Maryland residents is $324.00, Out-of-State Residents $484.0.0

Alternate Basic Rider Course (ABRC): A fast paced class, designed for those who have riding experience and are confident in their riding ability. This is a one day 8-hour licensing course taught by skilled MSF rider coaches. This course teaches safe riding strategies, as well as beginner and advanced techniques. Successful completion of this course involves passing a knowledge and riding skills test.

Cost for ABRC is $219.00 for Maryland Residents, Out-of-State Residents pay $359.00.

Basic Rider Course 2 (BRCII): Currently Montgomery College does not offer this course type; however, that may change in the future. This course in intended to be for students who have already obtained a Class "M" motorcycle license, but would like additional riding practice. It is a one day, 8-hour training course taught by skilled rider coaches. This course will expand upon a student's riding skills by teaching safe riding strategies and advanced riding techniques. Students are expected to ride their own motorcycle, and provide proof of insurance and registration. Furthermore , students must come fully dressed with proper riding rear to our range. For more information what qualifies proper riding attire, visit the FAQs page. There are no tests for this course.

Motorcycle Retest: If a student should fail either the knowledge, skills, or both tests present in either the BRC or ABRC, they are eligible to register for a motorcycle retest. The student will have 30 days from the end of their course to complete a retest. The motorcycle retest must be scheduled with the Montgomery College Motorcycle training Center Manager ( see contact information at the bottom of this page). A second failure on any motorcycle retest will require the student to retake the entire course for the regular fee.

Cost for Motorcycle Retest: Maryland Residents $35.00, Out-of-State Residents $65.00.

Additional Information

Please check our BRC or ABRC Registration/ Schedule/ Cost for more information. You may register for a class by web, fax, mail, or in-person. If you register Online, you must create and access your "MYMC account" to select an appropriate class.  Alternatively, student may register at any WD&CE Customer Service Office. See Registration Information, Options and Policies for more information on Customer Service locations and information on how to register by Web.

All classes and examinations are conducted in English. There are NO translators or language accommodations offered.

For more information, and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our motorcycle safety Frequently Asked Questions page.

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All Montgomery College motorcycle courses are administered by following the curriculum and guidelines created by the Motorcycle Safety Program and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. For more information, visit

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  • John Amoroso , Motorcycle Training Center Manager
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