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Life Sciences and Life Science Leadership Programs
Life Sciences

Chief Science Officer: Pathways to Leadership, Careers in Life Science Learn More

Chief Science Officer: Pathways to Leadership, Careers in Life Science is designed for students, postdocs, and other technical professionals making the transition to business and industry and seeking preparation for leadership and management positions. It will show you the skills that are required, guide you in addressing your current skill levels, and provide the training to address your weaknesses to become not only competitive in landing an industry job, but successful in that job as well.

One of the most effective and unique features of this program is how the instructors relate "business" concepts to activities and behaviors commonly experienced by academic scientists. This approach helps students gain a deeper understanding of how their own experiences can strengthen their competitiveness for industry positions. The course also provides a self-assessment tool that introduces students to each of the 24 competencies, has them rank their own skill levels, and helps them develop "experience statements" from their own careers that support these rankings. A detailed report generated by the assessment tool then maps the student's capabilities to those that are critical to different kinds of jobs in different industries. The instructors will then show how to use this information to develop powerful targeted resumes and to prepare for effective interviews.

Clinical Project Manager: Careers in Clinical Research Learn More

Clinical Project Manager: Careers in Clinical Research. A collaborative program among Montgomery College and Amarex Clinical Research - A pharmaceutical product development company.

This course provides an introduction to project management of clinical trials in the pharmaceutical industry. If you want to learn basic project management skills and how they can be applied to the drug development process, especially in the management of clinical trials, this course is for you. If you are looking for careers in the clinical development industry but are not familiar, or experienced, with specific technical tasks involved in clinical trial management, this course is for you. This course will walk you through the various aspects of clinical trial projects with special focus on the need to anticipate, understand, and implement detailed project management activities in a proactive manner. This course will help students understand a highly detailed and fully developed clinical trial management project. Discussions will be led by industry experts via case studies and mock clinical trial projects to train students in the practical aspects of clinical projects to help assure a successful clinical project management career.


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