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Hospitality and Event Management
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Montgomery College Workforce Development and Continuing Education is proud to offer its Event Management Certificate Program. This program offers the foundation for a successful career in the field of event management.

Event Management/Planning is among the most fun and exciting career options available. It will allow you to use your creativity to plan fabulous events and become a more effective event planner. Create marketing relationships for your client or employer with corporate, nonprofit, and/or governmental sponsors. Devise and manage the event develop process, including technical production. Project yourself into the event economy through establishing your own business or becoming a sought after professional by industry employers.

Program Overview

The program requires completion of the four core courses, and at least one elective.

Hospitality Schedule of Classes
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Event Management, Core Classes:

  • Introduction to Event Management, HOS-034
    Discover major trends, methodologies, and successful practices used by professionals in the field. Learn the event-development process, fundamentals of planning, evaluation, risk management, and more.
  • Event Operation, HOS-030
    Identify the steps and familiarize yourself with the process of event production. Acquire the successful concepts employed to produce content for live experience.
  • Event Marketing, HOS-047
    Learn about market segmentation, market analysis, strategy, and advertising tools. Examine how to promote events and how to use these events to promote products, services, and causes.
  • Case Study in Event Management Forum, HOS-044
    Explore the nuances of planning and executing an event through your participation in the case study method. Evaluate the risks associated with the case event and incorporate troubleshooting strategies and contingency plans.
    Prerequisite: You should have basic knowledge of the event-development and budgeting process, market segmentation, and promotion tools.  

Event Management, Elective Classes:

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  • Accounting for Event Management, HOS-043
    Learn the basics of accounting for event management. Implement proper account in controls and principles to account for project costs and income transactions, produce budget analysis, tracking reports, and reconcile bank accounts.
    Prerequisite: Prior knowledge of fundamentals of planning process and knowledge of budgeting concepts is required along with basic understanding of the event management operations process.  
  • How to Open an Event Management Business, HOS-041
    Acquire knowledge of the start-up process, including self-assessment, market volatility, and enterprise development. Relate competitive analysis, economic factors, and political ramification to your enterprise aspirations. Position yourself to strategize, initiate, or expand your event management business.
  • Risk Management and Risk Mitigation for Event Management, HOS-048
    The class will prepare the student to use strategies to mitigate risks before they happen, and to create a plan in the case of emergencies. The student will also learn about the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and how it relates to risk management.
  • Technology and Social Media for Event Management, HOS-045
    Technology and the use of social media have changed the way we plan meetings, conferences, and events. Familiarize yourself with the different technologies that can help you succeed in the meeting and event field. Understand how to use social media, Web sites and computer applications to enhance the effectiveness of your meeting or event. Learn how to market your business using social media applications and industry Web sites.
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