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Driver Improvement Lessons
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2 hours, $100.00, SFT034 10 hours SFT040* To register call the Driver Education Program Coordinator, at 240-567-1895, for scheduling information and class crn number.  
4 hours, $200.00, SFT035 20 hours SFT042*  
6 hours, $300.00, SFT036 *Call for pricing for SFT040 or SFT042  

Driver Improvement Lessons are for anyone who would like driving lessons to improve driving skills and gain more experience behind the wheel of a car. You must have had Driver Education or are currently enrolled in Driver Education AND you must have a Learners Permit or a Drivers License to be able to enroll in Driver Improvement Lessons.

Driver Improvement Lessons: Need more EXPERIENCE behind the wheel? Driver Improvement Lessons, with a certified driving instructor, are designed to improve driving skills and give young drivers more experience behind the wheel. Even after passing driver education or getting a driver's license, many young drivers lack EXPERIENCE behind the wheel. Our certified driving instructors are there to help young drivers gain more experience behind the wheel, improve their driving skills, and reduce their risk on the road. DIL Application Packet.

Option Two: The MVA 6 hour Behind the Wheel Course

In addition, we offer the MVA 6-hour Behind the Wheel Course separately for students who have completed the classroom portion of Driver Education at another school. To register, call the Driver Education, Program Coordinator, 240-567-1895, for scheduling.


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