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The goal of special education programs is to make learning easier through individualized and differentiated instruction. Special education in driver education is possible too, by incorporating differentiated instruction to make learning to drive easier. With proper supports, rookie drivers can have the opportunity to access the State Driver Education curriculum regardless of placement on the learning development spectrum. We have recognized the present exclusion of differentiated instruction in driver education, and have carefully developed programming tenants to support students with learning disabilities at a minimum, provide them the opportunity to experience driving skills and expectations.

Learn more Driver Ed Courses for students with Learning Disabilites .

We hope to empower Parents, Special Educators and even Driver Education Instructors to be supportive by knowing:

  • The Driver Education Readiness Indicators. See Readiness Assessment form  
  • Developmental Driver Education Pathway and options for students
  • Preparation activities parents can do to facilitate the driver education experience.
  • Coping skills the learning disabled driver can do while learning to drive.


Additional documentation pertaining to the student's learning disability is required to ensure the student's suitability for the class, call the Driver Education Program Coordinator, 240-567-1895 for more information.  

What should I do if I have a disability? If you need support services due to a disability, please follow these steps:
1. Register for a class.
2. Call Natalie Martinez, Disability Support Services Counselor, 240-567-4118 or e-mail at least four weeks prior to the start of class to arrange for accommodations and/or assistive technology. If this procedure is not followed, services may be delayed.

Be advised that while Driver Education schools are accomplished at making judgement and sharing insight on driver skills, none are authorized to make determination or prognosis on whether a rookie driver can or cannot drive on Maryland roads. The responsibility lies with the parent/guardian and the state of Maryland on whether this student should share Maryland roads. Participation in our Developmental Driver Education program is open to all students. However, students with conditions identified by COMAR "Reportable Medical Conditions", (Autism is on this list), must be reported to the MVA and Medical Advisory Board as instructed. Please view online instructions at : Any Restricted Learner Permits or Driver Licenses will be evaluated by us to ensure we can teach under those conditions identified by the MVA/Medical Advisory Board (MAB) .  

Also be advised that during BTW instruction, Montgomery College reserves the right to stop the BTW lesson if any student demonstrates processing issues and safety concerns. At this point, the student may be referred to screening to determine driver readiness.

Parent/ Mentor Education

Guide to Rookie Drivers from the:
Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration
AAA Guide to Teen Driving
MC Guide to Driver Readiness  

Driver Readiness Assessment, 2-hours.
Not everyone is ready to drive a car. By appointment, you may schedule a driver readiness assessment. Call  240-567-1895 to learn more.

Obtain Learner Permit (MVA Requirement)

MVA's Maryland Online Driver Test Tutorial  
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 SFT044, Learner Permit Preparation Class

Driver Education Course (MVA Requirement)
The MVA Maryland State Required Course, 30 hours classroom and 6 hours behind the wheel

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SFT043, Driver Education
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SFT047, Driver Education-Learning Disabled class

Driver Improvement Lessons (DIL) As needed, call for information 240-567-1895

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Available for 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours, 10 hours, 20 hours 



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