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Parental Involvement is the Real Cornerstone of Rookie Driver Safety

Driver Ed Students and InstructorMontgomery College's 36 hour Driver Education Course SFT043 is approved by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration and consists of the required 30 hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours Behind the Wheel. Our classroom includes learner-centered instruction, inclusive to accommodate students with mild learning disabilities, and is limited to 18 students per course.  Behind the Wheel is one-on-one instruction with a certified driving Instructor. Successful completion of this driver education course is one of the requirements for obtaining a Maryland driver's license. The cost for the Driver Education course is $330.00; non-Maryland residents add $160.00. A parent or guardian must attend the first session with the student.

In addition, we offer SFT079 Driver Ed with Additional Supports. Our additional support instructors are dually certified in Special Education. Driver Improvement Lessons may be helpful for students who need extra driving practice and are offered in 2,4,6,10, and 20 hour increments. For parents we have classes to help them mentor the new driver.


What are the students saying?

"It was very helpful. I learned a lot and the method of teaching was very innovative. The slides for every unit and the Jeopardy games helped us remember a lot of important pointers for new drivers. Definitely better than a straight lecture."

"Many of my friends said that their Driver Ed class was so boring. I had fun with this class, and would like other people to have the same experience. Also, the instructor was so good about involving us." (A hearing impaired student)

It's fun and it doesn't bore you to death like the other Driver Ed schools."

I would recommend this course to a friend because I feel that our instructor makes us feel confident that we can do it.

Good price for great instruction, the classrooms have nice chairs and mobile tables. The instruction style is very engaging. He has a schedule on the board, he integrates personal stories and teaching and we always receive unit packets.

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