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Chief Science Officer, Testimonials

Chief Science Officer, Testimonials

Chief Science Officer: Pathways to Leadership, Careers in Life Science is designed for students, postdocs, and other technical professionals making the transition to business and industry and seeking preparation for leadership and management positions. It will show you the skills that are required, guide you in addressing your current skill levels, and provide the training to address your weaknesses to become not only competitive in landing an industry job, but successful in that job as well.


Testimonial from a Research Fellow at NIH

Thanks for providing the opportunity to learn totally different areas of practical value that will help us to get right job. The course was excellently organized and provided networking opportunities. Please accept me in your Professional network on LinkedIn.

Testimonial from Gaurav Basu, PhD.
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va. (during the course)
Translational Research Scientist – Gene Delivery, Intrexon Corporation, Germantown, MD (currently)

"The SciPhd and the CSO program gave me the tools and strategies required when I was trying to look for alternative careers. I can testify that it worked in my case. The course helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses which enabled me to focus on amending my resume to showcase how I stand out from the rest of the applicants. I also used several helpful practical advices during my interview which I believe helped me secure my first job in industry. I would sincerely like to thank the SciPhD and CSO team. Keep spreading the knowledge and information. We (post-docs and graduate students) really need it!!"

Testimonial from a postdoctoral fellow, at Henry M. Jackson Foundation

"I am absolutely enjoying the CSO class, I can't believe the amount of information I gain with each class. I've already told a few interested scientists about it so I hope you all are planning on continuing the course. I truly believe in the importance of this training and emphasizing the value of communication skills for scientists."

The key to success is applying social intelligence in understanding who you are interacting with and how your story is important to THEM.
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