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Workforce Development & Continuing Education

MC Bio-Trac Excellence in Biotechnology Training
Montgomery College and Bio-Trac for Biotechnology  

Bio-Trac® in partnership with Montgomery College is proud to offer graduate/post graduate level hands-on laboratory training workshops for research scientists at the Bioscience Education Center’s state-of-the-art facility in Germantown, Maryland.

Excellence in Biotechnology Training

Team taught by active research scientists and innovators from leading research institutes ( NIH, JHUGeorgetown LCRCEVMSUSDA, and the FDA) and private industry, Bio-Trac® courses deliver instruction on current research methodologies.

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Upcoming Biotechnology Training Workshops, Hands-On Training for Research Scientists.

Sample offerings: RNA-Seq and Computational Analysis, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Flow Cytometry (FACS), Gene Editing with CRISPR, NGS and Metagenomics, Proteomics; Stem Cell (iPSC from Neural, Cardiomyocytes), Cell Line Authentication, Vaccine Development, Real-Time, Quantitative and Digital PCR.

Featured Bio-Trac® Course:

Bio-Trac Single Cell RNA-Seq class  

Hands-on "Single Cell RNA-Seq" training workshop 
MC Bioscience Education Center 
December 10-13, 2018

This in-depth lecture and hands-on laboratory workshop (wet lab & in silica) is ideal for those research and bench scientists who are interested in a comprehensive introduction to single cell RNA-Seq. The core of this workshop is composed of highlighting key aspects of NSG and RNA-seq methodologies, with subsequent introduction into the modern armamentarium of tools to conduct these experiments.

Further emphasis will be placed on such important aspects as sample preparation, quality control validation and enrichment as well as extensive use of different single cell RNA-Seq data analysis tools (Seurat, Monocle, Pseudo-time Analysis, Clustering Analysis in-depth: t-SNE and Principal Component Analysis).

Single Cell RNA-Seq Course Description  

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Serving the BioHealth Capital Region™ for 30 years
Bio-Trac® is excited to partner with Montgomery College and together build on our rich history of delivering quality biotechnology training to the MD/VA/DC scientific community. Originally conducted at the NIH (1985-2014), Bio-Trac® has provided hands-on training to over 16,000 research scientists from our expansive catalog of 70+ unique workshops.



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