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MC Bio-Trac Excellence in Biotechnology Training
Montgomery College and Bio-Trac for Biotechnology

Bio-Trac® in partnership with Montgomery College is proud to offer graduate/post graduate level hands-on laboratory training workshops for research scientists at the Bioscience Education Center’s state-of-the-art facility in Germantown, Maryland.

Excellence in Biotechnology Training

Team taught by active research scientists and innovators from leading research institutes ( NIH, JHUGeorgetown LCRCEVMSUSDA, and the FDA) and private industry, Bio-Trac® courses deliver instruction on current research methodologies.

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Upcoming Biotechnology Training Workshops, Hands-On Training for Research Scientists.

Sample offerings: RNA-Seq and Computational Analysis, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Flow Cytometry (FACS), Gene Editing with CRISPR, NGS and Metagenomics, Proteomics; Stem Cell (iPSC from Neural, Cardiomyocytes), Cell Line Authentication, Vaccine Development, Real-Time, Quantitative and Digital PCR.

Featured Bio-Trac® Course:

Gene Editing with CRISPR

Hands-On "Gene Editing with CRISPR"
training workshop
MC Bioscience Education Center
June 13-15, 2018

This rigorous three day workshop is ideal for basic research and translational biology scientists who are looking for a balanced theoretical vs. hands-on introduction CRISPR toolkit. Taught by active researchers, this workshop features several cutting-edge presentations delivered by experts in the CRISPR/Cas9 field along with an intensive schedule of laboratory exercises. This program will focus on CRISPR principles, strategies for successful project design, available expertise and resources, as well as a wealth of CRISPR technology diverse Applications.

Gene Editing With CRISPR Course Description

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Serving the BioHealth Capital Region™ for 30 years
Bio-Trac® is excited to partner with Montgomery College and together build on our rich history of delivering quality biotechnology training to the MD/VA/DC scientific community. Originally conducted at the NIH (1985-2014), Bio-Trac® has provided hands-on training to over 16,000 research scientists from our expansive catalog of 70+ unique workshops.


Should you have any questions please contact: Dr. Michael D. Smith 240-567-7785, or email

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