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Biotechnology, Which Path Should I take?
Bioscience Education Center

Supported by the Paul Peck Applied Science and Technology Center

Biotechnology Programs at Montgomery College offer practical training that enables you to apply for entry level employment in biotechnology laboratories and manufacturing facilities in Maryland and beyond. We deliver a full range of courses including Cell Culture, Instrumentation, Protein Biotechnology, Immunology, Nucleic Acids, and Biomanufacturing.

What Path Do You Take?

I. Desire to take one or more courses to expand or sharpen skills?

WD&CE Biotechnology Courses are Noncredit, Open Enrollment and are co-listed (shared) with credit classes. You may take these courses to improve your biotechnology skills. Upon completion of the course(s) students receive a Certificate of Course Completion. See course descriptions of WD&CE Biotechnology classes. Visit the WD&CE Biotechnology Class Schedule .

II. Bio-Trac®, graduate and post graduate training:

Bio-Trac logo, Biotechnology

Bio-Trac® has partnered with Montgomery College to offer graduate & post graduate level hands-on laboratory training for research scientists at the Bioscience Education Center's state-of- the-art facility in Germantown, Maryland . Learn more about the Bio-Trac® courses.

III. Looking for a degree? Interested in a Biotechnology A.A.S. ?

Students desiring an Associates Degree in Biotechnology should apply for admission to Montgomery College. Once admitted to the College you must register for the Biotechnology A.A.S. program. These are credit courses and count toward your degree. See the Biotechnology Class schedule. Learn more about a Biotechnology A.A.S. Degree .

IV. Do you already work in the field? Do you wish to earn a Certificate in Biotechnology or Biomanufacturing?

This curriculum is suitable for students currently working in these fields who want to upgrade or update their skills or for those who have obtained a bachelor's degree in the life sciences and want additional training. Students should obtain consent of the program coordinator and meet the prerequisites before enrolling in the certificate curriculum.
Visit the Biotechnology Certificate Program or the Biomanufacturing Certificate Program

V. Customized Biotechnology Courses for your organization:

Customized Biotechnology courses that fit the the needs of your organization can be easily arranged. Please contact Michael D. Smith for more information on how Montgomery College can train you or your employees in critical and advanced techniques using state of the art equipment and methods. Contact
Dr. Michael D. Smith 240-567-7785.


Contact Us:
  • Dr. Michael D. Smith, Biotechnology Program Director
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