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AP Summer Institute: World History

Instructor Monica Bond-Lamberty

AP® Summer Institute, AP World History Course Description

This 4 day course led by Monica Bond-Lamberty is designed for new and experienced AP World History teachers.  Participants will review College Board policies and materials in order to decide how best to organize their courses, pace the materials in the time allotted and address the concerns of equity and access.  Participants will explore the new AP World History exam from the multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, document based question and long essay question by putting themselves in the students seats, then in the readers' (those who grade the test) seats using the most recent rubrics, and finally the teacher's seat for help teachers plan how to best instruct their students in the skills necessary to be successful in the new format of the  AP exam in world history and how to best choose which content to include.  Participants will walk away with some publisher materials they can use in class, a variety of potential sequences, as well as lessons useful for teaching skills and content

OBJECTIVES. APSI World History Participants Will:

  • Review the AP World History exam in order to understand its structure and content
  • Learn how to assess student performance in a manner that reflects the most recent  AP reading
  • Consider how best to approach the teaching of skills and content necessary to be successful on the APWH exam
  • Analyze the exam skills and tasks and use that to inform the sequencing of their course
  • Expand their repertoire of successful teaching lessons and activities
  • Understand the College Board mission of Access and Equity; consider how to make equitable access a guiding principle when designing instruction
  • Expand their knowledge of print and on-line resources for the AP World History Course
  • Design or enhance their AP World History syllabi and instruction (depending on experience) to meet the curricular requirements of the course


AP® World History Workshop Handbook. The College Board: New York, 2017-18.  

Copied Material: Released AP® World History Exam questions.

Additional materials shared electronically by the APSI Instructor.


4 Day Plan:

Day One:

     Day Two:

    • Period 3 and Period 4 (Post Classical and Early Modern) including lesson ideas
    • Teaching Writing for the 2018 LEQs
    • Grading LEQs – 2018 Question  - Rubric & Samples
    • Skills - Chronological Reasoning:  Comparison, Continuity and change over time; Historical causation,

      Day Three:

    • Period 5 including Sample Lesson
    • Teaching Writing for the 2018 DBQ
    • Approaches to Reviewing for the Exam
    • Review of Published Materials (raffles as necessary)
    • Grading DBQs – 2018 Question  - Rubric & Samples
    • Skills - Historical Interpretation, Crafting Historical Arguments from Historical Evidence
    • AP Course Syllabus Audit - Requirements


     Day Four:

    • Period 6 (Twentieth Century and beyond) including sample lessons
    •  Multiple Choice Questions
    • Skills – Historical Argumentation, Appropriate Use of Historical Evidence
    • Time for independent work with help from teacher/colleagues – calendar, syllabus, MC questions etc.
    • Post-exam activities
    • Having Fun While Teaching APWH - Role Plays, Movies, Music and Art


    A P Instructor for World History is Monica Bond Lamberty

    Instructor Biography: Mrs. Monica Bond-Lamberty is an experienced Advanced Placement World History teacher and a former member of the AP World History Test Development Committee (TDC). She is a College Board consultant and has taken part in the annual scoring of the AP World History examination since the first year of the exam. Monica taught for 9 years in Madison, WI and is currently teaching in Montgomery County, MD.  She has lived (both with her family and on her own) in the Dominican Republic, Poland, Peru, Guatemala, Japan, and Nicaragua and has traveled a fair amount in Europe, Latin America, Asia and North Africa.  She received her BA in history from Williams College in Massachusetts and her MAT from Brown University in Rhode Island.  Monica has won teaching prizes from the World History Association and had those lessons published.   She is also nationally board certified in social studies.

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