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AP Summer Institute: U.S. History

The Revised  AP® U.S. History Curriculum Framework and
the 2017 AP U.S. History Examination

During the week for our US History AP Institute we will go over the following:
• Historical Thinking Skills
• Thematic Learning Objectives
• The Concept Outline
• The Essential Facts (?)  
• Focus on Primary and Secondary Sources
• The new Multiple Choice Items
• The new Short Answer Items
• Student Samples, the Short Answer Items
• Introduction to the new DBQ
• Introduction to the new Long Essay
• Student Samples, the DBQ and Long Essay
• An introduction to the Audit  
• Syllabus Development, Sample Syllabi

Workshop participants, you have a homework assignment!  Bring five to ten primary and/or secondary sources that we will use to construct multiple choice questions.  Also bring two secondary sources that contradict one another, such as two interpretations or views of something in U.S. history, about 150-200 words each.  We will share our combined efforts after we have critiqued all of them.  We all need to build up a collection of resources.  Also bring a copy of the DBQ for 2016.  It is available on “AP Central.” 


A P Instructor for U S History is John Crum
Instructor Bio: AP®  U.S. History Instructor John Crum

John Crum, retired as department chair at Mount Pleasant High School, Wilmington, Delaware, is currently a history professor at the University of Delaware. He has been a grader of U.S. History AP® tests since 1976, a table leader, question leader, examination leader at the AP® grading, a member of the Test Development Committee, a consultant to College Board on Advanced Placement and the author of Master AP® U.S. History, 9th edition forthcoming.

Designed primarily for the beginner, this course introduces participants to the structure and content necessary for an effective AP® U.S. History course, while also giving special attention to the redesigned AP® U.S. History course, the AP® U.S. History test, and the modified rubrics for the essays. We will analyze the component parts of new course, suggesting how to reorganize your course and how to prepare students for the different parts of the new exam. We will also look at appropriate test-taking strategies. We will plan out and organize the course for the year; go over various topics to illustrate the necessary depth of understanding; and decide what topics to concentrate on and what methodologies should be used to teach various concepts. The instructor will emphasize how to teach the analytical skills and writing skills needed for successfully addressing the document-based question, the long response essays, the short answers, and the multiple-choice. We will focus on the audit, and grade and rank essays from this year's AP® examination, using the criteria developed at the U.S. History AP® grading.

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