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AP Summer Institute: Statistics

AP® AP  Summer Institute: Statistics

Course Description: This AP course gives teachers a systematic overview of content materials for AP Stats, exposes teachers to lectures, simulations, activities, videos, and emphasizes the importance of teaching the concept of statistics and using the graphing calculator for calculation and exploration. Teachers will become familiar with the framework of the AP Stats exam and its grading procedures.


Day 1

  • Review logistics and daily schedule for the site.
  • Introductions of all participants, goals, expectations for the week.
  • Handouts distributed
  • Discussion of AP Review Books will also be discussed during the week.

Topics for the Day: Planning a Study (Design) and Simulation

  • Methods of Data Collection
  • Planning and conducting surveys and experiments
  • Simulation
  • AP Exam questions/grading

Day 2
Debrief Day 1, questions and answers

Topic for the Day: Exploring Data

  • Interpreting graphical displays and distributions of univariate data
  • Summarizing distributions of univariate data
  • Comparing distributions of univariate data (plot types)
  • Bivariate data: Least Squares regression, Correlation
  • AP Exam questions/grading

Day 3
Debrief Day 2, questions and answers

Topic for the Day: Probability

  • Random variables
  • Binomial Distributions
  • Geometric Distributions
  • Normal Distributions
  • Rules for means and variances
  • Central Limit Theorem & Sampling Distributions
  • AP Exam questions/grading

Day 4
Debrief Day 3, questions and answers

  • Topic for the Day: Inference & Confidence Intervals
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Single mean/proportion
  • Two means/proportions
  • Chi Square
  • Inference for slope of LSRL
  • Wrap Up
  • Evaluation
A P Instructor for Statistics is Barbara Dobbs

Instructor Barbara Dobbs

Instructor Biography: Barbara Dobbs, AP Statistics Consultant , The College Board since 2004; AP Reader from 2000-present including 9 years as a Table Leader; high school math teacher for Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland since 1986; helped in developing the AP Statistics curriculum for MCPS.

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