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A P Summer Institute: Psychology
A P Instructor for Psychology is Faye Johnson

Instructor Faye Johnson

Course Description: The AP Psychology Summer Institute provides AP Psychology teachers with the content, strategies, and activities to teach an entire AP Psychology course. The focus is on psychology as a science and will emphasize helping students acquire the knowledge and test-taking skills they need to be successful on the AP Psychology Exam. Teachers will have opportunities to become part of an AP Psychology teacher network, collect exciting and useful resources, and return to their schools ready to teach AP Psychology

AP Psychology Summer Institute 2014
Summer Institute Schedule of Studies

Day One - Tuesday, June 24:

  • After welcoming and greetings, we will:
  • examine the week's schedule and specific objectives
  • discuss the make-up of the AP Psychology Exam
  • discuss the College Board and Equity
  • talk about how psychology fits into science
  • describe psychology's goals and perspectives
  • talk about what students need to know about research methods
  • discuss what students need to know about the brain
  • identify Social Psychology content

Day Two - Wednesday, June 25:

  • On this day, we will:
  • examine the 2013 AP Exam FRQs
  • talk about how to write the AP exam free response questions
  • have a short lesson on Sleep and States of Consciousness
  • describe content and for teaching Sensation and Perception
  • discuss what to teach in the unit on Learning

Day Three - Thursday, June 26:

  • Today we will:
  • assess our progress so far
  • go over the unit, "Memories Are Made of These"
  • discuss content highlights of the unit on Cognition, Language, and intelligence
  • describe what needs to be taught in the unit, "Mot Emo Stress"
  • go over the unit on Development Over the Lifespan

Day Four - Friday, June 27:

  • On our last day together, we will:
  • discuss Personality Theory
  • examine the most recently released AP Exam
  • talk about what students need to know about Abnormal Behavior and Treatments
  • evaluate our time together and make plans for staying in touch

On-Going Activities: Sharing ideas for lessons, methods, and activities that will help students be successful on the AP Psychology Exam.

Instructor Biography: Faye Johnson has taught AP Psychology since its 1991-92 inception at Paint Branch High School in Burtonsville, Maryland. She loves teaching her diverse students who represent many countries. She and the students have a Psychology Club to enrich their studies and provide opportunities for student service learning hours. Most years her students have a Psychology Fair to share their research projects and they also participate in Brain Awareness Week each March.

Faye has been an AP Psychology Reader for thirteen years and is a College Board consultant. She has taught summer institutes at Montgomery College, the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus, Howard University, and the Bellevue School District in Bellevue, Washington, in addition to presenting workshops at area community colleges and high schools. In 2001 Faye received an Excellence in Teaching Award from TOPSS (Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools) and the APA. She was presented with an Advanced Placement Recognition Award from the College Board in 20004. She was twice honored to receive the Outstanding Professional Staff Award at her high school, in 2008 and 2011. Faye is also a member of the women’s education society, Delta Kappa Gamma International.

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