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AP Summer Institute: English Literature and Composition

AP® Summer Institute, English Literature and Composition Course Description

This week long APSI led by Dr. Jooma is designed for both experienced and inexperienced AP® English Literature and Composition teachers. Participants will review College Board policies and materials; they will consider course organization, pacing, and concerns of equity and access. Participants will explore the structure and content of the AP® English Literature exam by analyzing essay and multiple-choice questions, evaluating sample student responses from the most recent exam administration, and examining scoring guides. In interactive, hands-on sessions, participants will identify critical skills and anticipate students’ concerns with Multiple-Choice and Free Response Questions; they will explore a variety of approaches to critical reading and writing as they consider different teaching approaches together with course materials and lesson sequencing. Using contemporary and classic literature, including works from the multicultural expansion of the canon, participants will develop approaches to and share strategies for teaching fiction, poetry, drama, and prose in the AP® English Literature classroom.

OBJECTIVES. APSI English Literature and Composition Participants Will:

  • Review the AP English Literature & Composition exam in order to understand its structure and content
  • Analyze exam structure and content to delineate broader learning objectives and key ELA skills; identify tasks and materials for which students may need greater preparation
  • Expand their knowledge of print and electronic resources for the AP English Literature and Composition Course
  • Expand their repertoires of successful teaching methods and activities
  • Learn how to assess student performance more effectively
  • Explore the relationship between curriculum and exam to facilitate closer alignment of instruction with the goals of the AP Course
  • Understand the College Board mission of Access and Equity; consider how to make equitable access a guiding principle when designing instruction
  • Develop a deeper understanding of instructional design by exploring factors that influence design
  • Design or enhance their AP English Literature syllabi and instruction (depending on experience) to meet the curricular requirements of the course


AP® English Literature and Composition Workshop Handbook. The College Board: New York, 2015-16.

AP® English Literature and Composition. Developing Analytical Skills Through Poetry: Curriculum Module.The College Board: New York, 2012.

Copied Material: Released AP® English Literature and Composition Exam questions.

Jago, Shea, Scanlon, Aufses, ed., Literature & Composition. Boston and New York: Bedford St. Martin’s, 2011.

Additional copied materials from APSI Instructor.

A P Instructor Dr Minaz Jooma

Dr. Minaz Jooma grew up in London, England. She earned a B.A. in English Literature, a Post Graduate Degree in English Education, and a Masters degree in Comparative Literature from the University of London. Dr. Jooma began her teaching career at a London high school in 1987 and later moved to the U.S. to work on her doctorate in 18th-Century British Literature. For several years, she taught at Michigan State University (where she received the John Yunck Fellowship for outstanding research and the All-University-Excellence-in-Teaching Citation) and at St. John’s University in New York. While at MSU and SJU, Dr. Jooma published many literary critical articles in English and American Literature and presented her work at numerous conferences in her fields.

Dr. Jooma now teaches AP® English Literature, British Literature and Shakespeare at Millburn High School in New Jersey. She recently received the Presidential Distinguished Teacher Award for her work with her students at Millburn. During her 20 years as a high school teacher, Dr. Jooma has been very active in the AP® English teacher community. She has been a member of the AP® Literature and Composition Development Committee since 2010 and  currently Co-Chairs  that committee as well as serving on the College Board Academic Advisory Committee. Dr. Jooma has also served as an AP® Reader, Table Leader, and Question Leader on the AP® English Literature and Composition Exam and she writes commentaries for AP Central® following the exam administration in May. She is also a College Board endorsed Consultant and workshop leader. Long committed to developing sound resources and pedagogy for the AP® teacher community, Dr. Jooma co-authored the Teachers Manual for a textbook, Literature and Composition: Reading, Writing, Thinking, (Jago, Shea, Aufses and Scanlon: Bedford, St. Martin’s Press) and was an originary contributor to the online database of resources for AP® English Literature and Composition teachers on AP Central. Dr. Jooma also co-wrote a Curriculum Module, AP English Literature: Developing Analytical Skills Through Poetry, for College Board and she has created other teacher resources for the fall workshops and APSI. An active member of NCTE and MLA, Dr. Jooma has convened many sessions at national conferences and enjoys leading workshops at APAC. In her capacity as an Advanced National Math and Science Initiative Consultant, she has found working with teacher colleagues around the nation particularly rewarding. Dr. Jooma is also the New Jersey Ambassador for the University of London Institute of Education; through this, her AP® Workshops, and Development Committee outreach, Dr. Jooma maintains strong ties with teachers and teacher education.

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