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A P Summer Institute: European History

A P Summer Institute: European History. Instructor: Ms. Shaynne O'Connell

Instructor Biography
  • Teacher of Social Studies at Pope John XXII High School, Sparta, N.J.
  • Teacher of AP European History 15 years
  • Reader at AP European History Readings 10years
  • Table Leader at AP European Reading 4 years
  • Essay Selection Committee at AP European Readings
  • Consultant for the College Board in European History 20 years
  • Conducted one day workshops in AP European History 20years
  • Conducted AP Summer Institutes 15 years
  • Pre AP Strategies for Social Studies and English 2-Day workshops
  • One of the authors of the Pre AP Interdisciplinary Strategies for English and Social Studies Published by the College Board

Course Description; Advanced Placement European History Institute at Montgomery College

Participants will learn how to structure the course and establish the pacing necessary to complete the curriculum in a timely manner.

Participants will engage in learning Teaching Methods of Essay Writing for the Document Based Question and the Free Response Questions. The use of primary sources, literature, art, and music int the development of the AP curriculum, will be discussed.

An overview of how best to use technology, how to review for the exam, what summer reading is suggested, and what post exam activities are available will also be discussed

The Restructuring of the AP European course, and its importance will be explained during this Institute.

Textbook and primary source text selection will be supplemented with numerous materials for the top publishers in our field.

Teachers will be requested to prepare a teaching unit during the Course, select a non textbook reading and share a 'best practice teaching strategy'.

Agenda AP European History Summer Institute

  • Introductions / Agenda
  • College Board and Educational Testing Services
  • Course Description
  • Establishing your Course
  • How to Structure the AP Course (pacing)
  • Student skills / Administrations / AP Coordinator
  • Overview of materials from College Board and Publishers
  • AP Central and European History Home Page
  • Syllabi various examples
  • Test Content: Review of 2009 and 2013 Exams, scoring guide and test results
  • Key concepts and skills pages 3-4 in TRG
  • Topics to be covered:Curriculum ideas (films, literature, art, primary sources)
  • What's new in AP Euro (Restructuring)
  • Assignment: Begin preparation of your teaching unit with Lesson Plans for presentation on Friday
  • Prepare a "Best Teaching Strategy" for presentation on Wednesday
  • Teaching Methods of Essay Writing
  • Themes in AP Euro: Persia
  • Teaching strategies for the DBQ / POV / BIAS / GROUPING
  • AP DBQ Ruberic and Core Scoring
  • Reading simulation of DBQ with recent AP Exam questions
  • Presentation of "Best Teaching Strategies" by participants
  • Assignment: Prepare to present a non-textbook reading to supplement the course for Wednesday. Continue to work on your Teaching Unit
  • Selection of various textbooks and supplemental reading sources
  • Preview of content specific materials with discussion
  • Presentation of non-textbook readings by participants
  • Review for the exam...methods and discussion
  • FRQ The Thematic Essays: Selection, Blocking , Ruberic
  • Assignment: Continue to prepare your Teaching Unit
  • Technology in the AP Classroom
  • Discussion of Robert Blackey's Article
  • Post Exam Activities
  • Summer Reading
  • The AP Audit, issues, and concerns
  • Multiple Choice Strategies
  • Art in the AP Classroom
  • Unit presentations by participants
  • Addressing Concerns and Challenges
  • Conclusion and Course Evaluations


  • Tuesday: Discuss and Illustrate a "Best Teaching Practice"
  • Wednesday: Present a Non-Textbook Reading to Supplement the Course
  • Thursday: Present a Full Teaching Unit with Lesson Plans, Assignments, Etc.
  • Suggestions for Unit:
    • Use the Themes (6) from the College Board Acorn Book and PERSIA
    • 1450-1648
    • 1648-1815
    • 1815-1914
    • 1919-Present
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